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And Volosyanko did not back down, slowly and aggressively walking behind

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my back.
And then on my way suddenly appeared Sveta Pugacheva (this was her real name).
She was a little fool, she had no teeth in front of her.

She worked for us in a pigsty and sometimes could sleep here (it was her).
She was in love with singer Philip Kirkorov.
Her duties included taking birth in sows and all the piglet boys she called Philippi (in our place all the boars were Philip by her grace).
Sveta Pugacheva was very ugly, she always smelled.
In short, she was scary, like my life! I never would have thought that I could feel attracted to her.
“Oh, Svetka !!! And you do something here!” – We happily asked her to come to the rescue Volosyanka.
I grabbed her legs, Grishka grabbed her hands.
We dragged her to the mattress.
She resisted and cried, and we reassured her.
She had to rejoice that we were going to have sex with her, with such a freak, and she was afraid !.
We put it on the mattress.
I took off her panties.
She calmed down and suddenly asked me: “Are you Philip?” I told her that I was Philip and I was going to lie on her, but suddenly I saw snot running from her nose.
“Blow your nose,” I told her.
She smacked into the hem of her dress.
I put my penis into it and started working.
Then Grishka Vlosyanko worked with her.
Then we decided to work with her together.
We put her on all fours, I walked over to her mouth, and Grishka stood up from behind.
We started to work, and she suddenly burst into tears, spat out my penis from her toothless mouth and told me: “You are no Philip! Philip does not do that!” I told her that I am Philip, that she should not worry that Philip does just that.
But she suddenly jumped up and ran away.
We began to catch up with her, but she disappeared somewhere.
We were angry for a long time.
We wanted to have sex more and more, even with whom! I left Grishka far away, hiding, and tried to masturbate.

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Suddenly I heard that someone was coming.
It was Grishka.
“Is there a vaseline?” – he asked.
“There is.
Why do you want? “I asked.
“Come here.
It is necessary, “he said.
I went to the vet’s room (he had a whole bucket of vaseline standing there).
I gave Vaseline Grishke.
He went with a bucket deep into the pigsty.
I saw that he, it turned out, had driven one pig into the machine (which is necessary so that the pig does not twitch when it is necessary to do something with it: to treat, for example, or to give an injection).
He went to the machine, anointed Vaseline in a pig under the tail, then pulled out his penis from his pants, sticking out of him like a branch of a tree, and anointed him.
He tried to insert his dick into the pig, but the pig squealed.
“Something is tight!” – said Grishka.
And then I realized: “What are you, this is Philip !!!” We took the boar into a stall, brought the sow and drove it into the machine.
We took turns having sex with her.
And what could we do: after all, our penis remained firm all the time and stuck out like a log !.
We filled the pig with sperm so that it flowed over the edge.
If pigs could give birth from people, then we would have with Grishka fulfilled the monthly rate of the boar-producer.
We were tired of working with the pig and went to rest.
While we rested, our members were numb again and again we wanted sex.
We got up and went to the machine where we had a pig.
But then the main livestock specialist entered the pigsty.
She was a woman of about 50, but still with a tight body, big ass and breasts.
“What are you doing here so late?” she asked, seeing us.
Volosyanka and I stood silently and guiltily.
She went to the pig, which was enshrined in the machine and wanted to say something else.
But then Grishka did something that I couldn’t expect from him: he hit the zootechnician on the head with his fist (and his fist is like a dumbbell).
The animal husbandry fell, losing consciousness.
Grisha grabbed her and dragged.
“What are you doing, you fool ?!” – I asked him.
But Grishka silently dragged her to the mattress and began to undress.
He had sex with her for a long time.
At this time, she came to herself, opened her eyes, but Grishka shoved his cap in her mouth instead of a gag and tied his hands with a belt.
“What are you doing?!” – I told him, but he silently worked with a livestock specialist.
Then he got up, caught his breath, asked me if I wanted to have sex with a zoo technician or not, otherwise he will rest now and continue again.
I thought, thought (thought it was better to have sex with a zoo technician than with a pig).
And lay down on the animal science. Top 10 sex games online.

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