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She wrapped her lips and hugged me for the buttocks.
Sucking a little head, she began to pull me closer to her face.
My testicles lay on her forehead.

The daughter opened her mouth as much as she could and relaxed her throat.
The head began to move inland.
I saw how my throat pouted.
I put my finger to my daughter’s throat and began to drive them.
Yulia pushed me away and turned her head to spit out the spit that had gathered in her mouth so as not to choke.
Then she caught her breath and opened her mouth again and swallowed my trunk.
Now not only the head, but also part of the member was in her throat.
Julia continued to put pressure on my hips, forcing me to move deeper into her throat.
Again pushed me away and spitting saliva, licked my lips.
There were tears in her eyes.
Can we take a break? – I suggested.
Otherwise, I will panic again.
– replied the daughter and taking me for the buttocks pulled to her.
The trunk also began to push the throat, and I could see by the way her neck was pouting, where my dick moved.
Soon I touched the testicles of her nose.
I moved the scrotum to the side to make it easier for my daughter to breathe.
Julia kept pushing my thighs and swallowing my trunk until her lips touched my pubis.
Julia ran her fingers over the base of the penis, checking where her lips are.
And then slowly pushed me away.
Spitting saliva, she smiled.
It turned out, dad.
– happily said daughter.
Ofcourse honey.
You have such a narrow neck.
Great! I almost finished.
But I finished.
When? I did not notice.
Itself just now understood.
Small and fast orgasm, when fingers groped your trunk and realized that she had swallowed it all.
Lightning struck the head and the bottom.
And then let go.
You can check.
I’m wet all over there.
I walked around the table on the other side and put my hand on my daughter’s lips, spread my finger.
Gushing moisture, slippery and hot.

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I leaned over and, with my fingers apart, began to lick this divine moisture of my young native pussy.
Moisture rushed it between the buttocks, concentrating in the hole of the ass.
I gently began to massage the daughter’s anus.
Julia lifted her legs higher, giving me the opportunity to caress her tongue and her ass.
Licking her juices from slits, I penetrated her narrow ass.
Not yet accustomed to anal caresses, the hole often shrank.
But I managed to put one finger in it.
Bending it in the direction of the pussy, I began to penetrate the tongue deep into the vagina, scooping out the moisture and feeling my finger through the septum.
My daughter wrapped her arms around my head and pressed it harder against her crotch.
Lick me.
Lick your little slut.
What is your cool finger.
fuck your baby
Fuck me in the ass.
The class.
– moaning daughter, fidgeting under my tongue and

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I licked her sweetheart and enjoyed her words, which aroused me even more.
– I heard a stifled moan.
I raised my eyes and saw that mom was standing over her granddaughter, having parted her hips, substituting her slit for caress to her granddaughter.
The very same squeezed and otgryvala her nipples.
Julia grabbed the grandmother’s delicious hips and her tongue polished the female’s lips and clitoris.
I continued to lick my daughter’s crevice by banging her ass with a finger.
But I also could not hold back for a long time.
So I pulled away from my daughter and walked over to my mother.
She kissed me on the lips.
Grabbing my trunk she began to jerk me off.
I will finish soon, Mom, – I whispered, squeezing one.
hand her buttock and her other breast.
Honey, cum on Yulia.
Cum on her face.
Let me help.
– mum whispered.
She moved away from her granddaughter and sat down on my lap and began to lick my head, pulling the testicles down with one hand, and with the finger of the other hand penetrated my, slightly protruding ass and began to fuck.
Julia opened her eyes and watched her grandmother masturbating her father.
Yulenka, open your mouth.
Dad will finish you there soon, ”Grandma asked.
Julia opened her mouth and prepared to swallow.
I could not hold back for a long time.
The first jet hit her tongue, and flowed down her cheek.
The second hit the nose.
Julia closed her eyes in surprise.
Further weak streaks flowed directly into her open mouth.
Sensing that the stream had dried up, the daughter opened her eyes and reaching for the head wrapped her lips around her.
Sucking the head in her mouth, she dug out the remnants, and licked, smiled.
Yummy, said the daughter.
Good girl, granddaughter, – said grandmother, bending over and licking the face of my girl. Watch sex and the city 2008 full movie online free.

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