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We pretend that I see you for the first time, and you – me, are you coming? For some time Lenka hesitated, but in the end she took a glass.
In her view, which had run around the room, I quickly realized that she had done more from boredom.
The people in the room had long since broken up into pairs, talking almost silently in different corners of the room.

One couple danced some kind of slow fish, and the rest simply huddled around and where it was visible, for the most part, only the gleam of excited eyes.
Vigilant looking at us from time to time.
Whatever was mixed in soda, and Lenka in the head it hit almost instantly.
Less than ten minutes later, she began to giggle stupidly at and without, throwing unequivocal looks at the guys.
At least she licked her lips every minute, looking at her biceps, torsos and everything else that was in sight.
Needless to say, as soon as only one of the boys was released, Lenka immediately jumped off and dragged the guy to dance.
Oddly enough, the room immediately came to life.
I didn’t have time to blink an eye, as the dancing ballad was replaced by fast bass, and in the center of the room all those present galloped fiercely.
I caught the eye of Tanya, who beckoned me to the crowd.
Despite the fact that I didn’t have the desire to frolic, I had to join.
I had no idea what Tanya had prepared for Lenka, and, frankly, I didn’t want to know.
My heart was, to put it mildly, disgusting.
Like it or not, I clearly understood that I had set Lena up.
The plot, meanwhile, developed very rapidly.
I had just gotten into the taste of the dance, as the music got a little quieter, and from somewhere in the other room came the powerful voice of one of the guys: – Hey, check it out! Needless to say, all those present almost ran off, rushing to the kitchen.

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Even though I was among the last, I saw everything to the last drop.
The guy was leaning on the tile.
The pants were lowered, and Lenka was kneeling before him, blissfully sucking off.
Besides, she sucked so deliciously that smacking was heard throughout the kitchen.
And, apparently, the crowd surrounding the girl did not care at all.
– You just check out how to suck! – Tanka laughed.
– Oh, Lena, Lena, I never thought you were such a fucking little girl! “Mmmm,” came something completely inarticulate in response from Lena.
– Yes, you come on, damn, fuck yourself, sit down! – laughing, the guy barked and, putting a hand on the back of the head of our headman, showed her the necessary movements – deep and sharp.
– Fucking.
help this bitch anyone! – the guy again leaned on the tile.
One of the girls, Tanya’s girlfriends, immediately stepped forward and crouched beside Lena, grabbing her hair.
– That’s how you need to suck! – the girl began to simply stick Lenkin mouth on the protruding dick.
– I will now teach the peasants pleasure to deliver! – Come on, Dink, so her! – Tanya laughed.
– We know how you know how! Teach slut! To say that I was disgusted to look at it – this, in general, greatly diminish.
I turned from one thought to which I doomed Lena.
However, I clearly understood that if I hadn’t done this, most likely, now I would have two slut put my mouth to the cock.
And, what to hide here, the spectacle turned me on pretty badly.
As, probably, and all the rest.
I don’t know what exactly, but there was something in it that was perverted, forbidden.
Just stand aside and watch another person being humiliated.
And secretly rejoice that not me.
– Something she is too dressed! Huesoski need to be naked! – Said one of the guys.
His proposal was immediately supported.
Two guys came up and how could undressed Lenka.
It was not possible to remove the snooping turtleneck – for this, Lena would have to be dragged away from the member for at least five seconds, and they were

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clearly not going to do this.
And because a piece of clothing just pulled up higher, putting the naked body of a girl for all to see.
– In, so much better! – burst out laughing. Best sex movies watch online.

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