Bongacams lovetonik.

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“You will come to my bed in the evening and continue your story.”
– I want to know everything.
In the meantime, I will order the groom to untie you.

Once again, squeezing my fingers hard and shameful, she went out.
Going into the stable, Evlampiy chuckling and muttering something indistinctly under his breath, untied me.
Lucky you guy, he suddenly said quietly.
“Remember my word, we shall be bedded with our mistress now.”
She loves to listen to all sorts of interesting tales before bedtime.
And he grunted, he added, just look, keep your mouth shut, otherwise you can lose.
with your head.
So, take it easy.
As I was told, in the evening I showed up at the mistress’s bedroom.
She lay on top of the duvet, covered to the chest with a thin, lightweight veil.
She was no longer wearing a top dress and she was reclining in the same lower shirt.
I want to hear the continuation of your story.
I want everything to be the same as in the stable.
On the goats, I will not lay you down, will also tie, but take off your pantaloons, leave only the shirt on you.
Embarrassed by her, I awkwardly threw off the ports in which I had been dressed up, after they

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had taken service to the mistress, and I remained in a short shirt, barely covering the shameful place.
Much to my embarrassment, as well as in the afternoon, my horn shamelessly rose upwards with a mound, raising its shirt.
The lady noticed this, but did not become angry.
I got ready for bed and lay without clothes, so I can not get up.
You’ll have to climb up on my bed and stay next to me.
Embarrassed by hiding my eyes, I awkwardly climbed onto a wide bed, marveling at the airiness and softness of her lush bed.

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On swan down all tea.
Not like our rough litter of hay.
Go closer.
Lag nearby.
I can not reach you, – said the lady, seeing that I lay down from the edge.
I lay down next to the lady very embarrassed and concerned that my sticking horn could not be covered by the short hem of my shirt.
Her hand immediately found the already familiar object, squeezing it tightly.
Do you have to tell me what you did with the girls? Mother madam, I am ashamed to say it.
We had everything that girls and boys do when they are together and want each other.
I’m not talking about this, I ask you.
I am interested not only in this, but also in how you committed sin with them.
How can I show my mother, if there is no Palashki or Fenka here? No problem.
I’m near and also a woman.
Here on me and show.
How can a mother-lady ?! – Inexpressibly frightened of her words, I prayed.
– Have mercy on Christ.
– How can I show you, if it is a disgrace and indecency one? “I don’t think it’s so terrible.”
And interesting.
It’s boring here.
And your story will help me dispel boredom.
You finished telling that you grabbed each other.
I’m curious to find out how it was, ”she said, continuing to hold my reared horn.
Her firmly gripping his fingers, then moving on him, then firmly pressing, gave me courage.
Did they grab you like that? – with aspiration asked the lady, squeezing my shame.
– Or stronger? Like this? From her handshakes, my hips involuntarily billowed up.
So mother-lady, and even stronger.
And higher.
At the very top.
Like this? Here? She asked, moving her hand to the top of the horns and squeezing him.
Oh! Yes, m-mother, so.
And what did you do in response? How did you grab them? For shame mother.
Where? She asked with interest.
– In which place? How can I show my mother, if there are no Hangers yes Fenki next? I asked, confused.
And you imagine that I am them.
On me and show.
So where did you grab them? – She impatiently repeated.
Terribly shy, I cautiously pointed at the blanket, at his place, where a shameful place should be hidden under it.
You show on the bedspread.
And I ask you to show how you snapped them.
Take it off and show what you did to them.
Frozen with fear, I pulled off the blanket and saw that the nightgown worn on the lady was so short that it didn’t even cover a shameful place. Bongacams lovetonik.

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