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It will not be the same, And all the little bridges are burned, When all night — evil, then — gently Lowered deep into your wife! The delight of the pleasures of love in a circle Will bring a wife under them to a slave, And the memory of the seven, the spouse, As if she were to divorce you.
And it will be a passionate languor To surrender to a multitude of men To push to search for a continuation, To change everything new, for no reason.
Wife is ridiculously few Three today afternoon! And what has become of it with her at night, Neither you nor I will turn in her! There, by the river, even at the beginning, Under the starry sky, on the grass, Her uterus was pumped with sperm, And this “wedges” in my head! Do you believe? I do not want evil, Oh, it happened, it grew together! I remember all the sensations, I know, And I had to go this way! There is a feeling in it; uterus – ball Inside.

Everything itches, itches, So, that one thing in the brain looms: Who will stop this torture! Stronger than shame or embarrassment Aspiration to quench in full The whole world has eclipsed languor, Surging like a wave.
So it will be repeated again, With you, and quit – without you, To feel in yourself any, Of the sturdy penis guys.
What they regretted, and stuck, And laid out on the bench.
In a circle the woman spun, While she burns in fire, Do not judge your spouse.
Now she is not at all, Leave her for a day to a friend, And do not blame the gate At the site of a narrow gate, Punched a virgin fence, Now carts are being transported, Lost a dispute will be lost! Chaturbate free live sex chat.

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