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Himself an ardent opponent.

During my studies, I was madly in love with one girl, but because of my character I couldn’t admit this to her.
Her name was Alina, she was an excellent pupil, meek and very sweet looking.
No one noticed her, although in my opinion she was just divine.
By nature, she had a chiseled figure, neat slender legs, well-defined ass, narrow waist.
In our class, rarely anyone remembered her, perhaps because of the bias towards those who learn too much.
The girls did not communicate with her either, perhaps they were jealous of her slimness, and often paid attention to the fact that she had small breasts.
Once at recess she walked past me and I, without noticing it, pulled my hand in the heat of the conversation.
She came across me, dropping textbooks on the floor, and silently began to collect them.
– Look where you’re going! – I snapped before I had time to think about who is to blame.
She looked up at me with her angel eyes full of tears.
But she was silent.
It was evident that she was already taken out in our class by such an attitude.
It became very unpleasant for me, and I decided to apologize no matter what.
All day I went thinking that I had wronged her unfairly, and after lessons, I waited until she left school (she always went out later than the others).

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– Listen, I did not want to offend you, it happened by chance.
– Why exactly with me all such accidents happen? – Alina didn’t even look in my direction, her lovely voice quivered with excitement.
– What do you need? Go to your friends, and as usual I will go home to sit alone and learn lessons.
– I just wanted to apologize.
And you know.
I like you.
– I barely squeezed out of myself, feeling that all my words began to sound awkward.
– Like? – She surprised raised one curb.
– I liked you too, at least I did not mock me like others, but today you disappointed me.
– Let me fix it! – Mmm, okay, help me at home with the lessons, then consider it corrected.
I did not believe my ears, she invited me to her home, just like that.
Prior to that, no one in the class even talked to her properly, but here it is.
Upon entering the apartment, she immediately dragged me to her room and began to make me feel at home about some uninteresting knick-knacks on the shelves.
Not a trace remains from the former quiet girl.
She spoke, and spoke, but I still could not believe what was happening.
– Want to kiss me? – Suddenly she said and, having widely opened her blue eyes, she stared at me.
– Yes.
She clumsily stretched toward me and after a second we merged in a passionate kiss.

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– wow! Where did you learn so? – There is a lot to learn on the Internet, and a lot to see.
– She said with some weird intonation.
– Now, let’s go to the kitchen, drink some tea, otherwise it’s somehow completely stupid that you came, and I didn’t even treat you to anything.
We went to the kitchen, she poured tea for me and herself, and after taking a couple of sips I suddenly felt that I really wanted to sleep.
A minute later I turned off.
– Hey, get up! – Alina patted me on the cheek. I woke up in her bed, covered with a blanket, and then I felt that I had no clothes on. Japanese online sex video.

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