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After a few minutes, she let go and told me to lie down on the floor.
I obeyed.
Stepping over me, she crouched over my face so that I could not only see her panties but also smell her charms.

Well, how do you like, she asked me? Now I will miss you between your legs and feed you.
Getting up she pulled off her knee-length pantyhose to her knees and put her pussy straight to my lips.
Lizhi said she.
I tried to turn my head, but Laura grabbed my hair and hit my head several times on the floor.
Tears flowed from my eyes.
You will do it and not only is it a little bastard.
Opening his mouth, I began to lick her.
Laura began to impulsively move on me, sometimes it seemed so that she completely put her pipisk into my mouth.
From it so much flowed discharge that I did not have time to swallow everything.
When she saw this, she said that she could not work a bobby and changed her posture in such a way that my nose buried her in the anus and her pussy was again near my mouth.
A few minutes later, an orgasm approached her. I felt how she tightened and put her hand to my face and pressed my cheeks so hard that I could not close my mouth.
I felt my mouth fill with her discharge, swallow it, she cried.
Seeing that I swallowed, she sat on my nose pis.
After sitting a little she said: you see how great it is, but that’s not all.
We’ll do it all the time, and now you will lick my ass and then we’ll see you’re still hungry.
I prayed that she did not do it with a soma but in response I heard that it would be so and the only way.
She completely took off all her clothes and ordered me to lie down on the floor again, and in order not to repeat several times what you would do, I would beat you up and beat you while you yourself start asking me to do something with you.

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You will be glad to suck all the juices out of me.
I realized that all this is already very serious and I want it all already and I don’t need to beat me.
Well, since you already agree let’s go to the toilet.
It couldn’t even have come to my mind, but how did it turn out she decided to turn me into a toilet?
I promised to feed you. I keep my word, she said.
Lifting the lid of the toilet, she ordered her head to face up and open her mouth wider.
Now I will crap you right in the mouth and you have time to swallow and see not trash.
Aunt Laura again begged me anything but this I ask you.
And not only will you try it all and kicked me in the stomach.
You have to keep the word and you can like it.
Passing me between her legs, she sat down so that I pressed my lips to her anus.
So I was about five minutes, during which time she farted several times directly into my mouth.
Waiting for a portion of my food, I was afraid not to cope and to be punished, and suddenly I felt like she had once again fallen down and the portion of loose stool shot me.
I almost choked, it seemed to me that part of this portion immediately appeared in my stomach.
I was just confused and tried to break free, but she held me and with that she hit me in the stomach.
From hellish pain, I screamed and at this time the next portion fired.
She stood up from my face in a kind, gentle voice and said that you’re already behind, put your ass and policing to the bathroom and I will wash you.
I just ate something stale probably, the next time you are lucky, don’t worry.
With tears in my eyes, I listened to what my aunt was saying from which I could not have imagined everything that had happened.
Having licked her ass to cleanliness, I climbed into the bath and only wanted to turn on the water as Laura said that I went to the bathroom, now I will give you a kampotika and, at the same time, wash your mouth.
She crouched over my face, I opened my mouth and got

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a portion of my compote, it was so much that this process was a long one.
She gave me his portions so that I could have time to swallow everything. Live sexy video hd.

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