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Ready to listen to you breathe forever.
Suddenly hold your breath – I’ll die !!! I will be your angel forever.
Close your eyes – hear my voice !!! Feel the breath of the wind gentle.

Finally, after 5 years, he avenged everything.
Now, everyone knows who he is and how dangerous it is to appear on his way.
He was heartless, evil, cruel.
Having destroyed all his enemies, he left her for dessert.
Suppose he did not admit to himself, but deep down, Eric continued to love Alexander.
This is his only weakness.
One little girl can break him again.
And how then to be? What to do? He knew what a torture it was to be in a cage, without having his voice and freedom.
Suppose now she will suffer.
Now, the girl was lying in front of him on the bed in her panties.
Many times, he dreamed how he would caress her.
He always wanted to please her.
Now, she will satisfy him and not only physically.
Erik slowly sat down next to her, and put his hands on her hips.
– So warm and beautiful.
You after all became a model, as well as dreamed.
– And what have you become? Who did you dream to be? A terrible monster? “Until you broke my heart, I dreamed of becoming a doctor or a lawyer.”
After all, she had already heard this name, and it was this company that invested the largest amount for the treatment of poor orphans.
– Yes.
You also invested there is not a small amount.
– I’m not heartless! And you do it just to seem good! – Think as you wish.

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Never mind.
– The man slowly took off her panties, and before him opened the smooth, little pussy he wanted to caress at night.
– Do you shave or made epilation? – the guy looked at the girl and saw in her eyes a sea of ??shame and fear.
– Fuck you! – Alexandra turned away from him and squeezed her legs as much as she could.
Erik touched the pubis of the girl and made sure that she did the hair removal.
– And now, let’s check how big.
rather, you have big holes – the man tried to spread her legs, but when the girl began to resist, Eric decided to act differently.
“Look what I have for you.” Alexandra looked at how the guy picked up some kind of red wand.
There were buttons on it, and it was burning in the dark.
– This magic wand.
She beats the current, if you click here – Eric pressed the first button and touched the pubic girl.

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– Aah! – Alexandra felt a sharp pain, and after it seemed to her that in the place where he had touched, everything was burning in her.
– There are many more different functions that will give you pleasure.
Although I doubt you liked it – the man laughed, but it was a fake laugh.
“You know, you’re right,” she whispered, looking into his eyes.
Still not completely broken, she looked at him, not hiding hatred and pride.
– True? And what am I right about? “You can have my freedom and my body, but you will never break my soul.”
I will not be completely broken.
And you will never have what Robert has.
– And what is it? – Eric stiffened.
He understood that she would have to fight for her to belong to him.
And he was ready for anything, but not for another humiliation.
– My respect – the man closed his eyes.
He squinted, turned away, wanting to forget, not to hear.
Anger and rage, that was what moved them now.
Throwing on the girl, he untied her hands and hit her several times in the face, but not too hard to leave any wounds.
Red from the slap in the face, Alexandra was frightened in earnest and tried to cover herself with her hands, but Eric deftly turned her on her back and tied her hands again.
– And I do not need your respect, little creature! – He snapped. Massive boobs webcam.

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