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I, discouraged returned to the living room.
“Who are you and where were you? Father, threw me a photo that I caught on the fly.”
When I looked at the photo, anger seized my mind.

In addition to the internal threat, which are the ritars.
There is also an external threat.
Forces that seek to conquer the world, while destroying both the Retar.
So we Khars.
I ripped a photo of Nostradamus.
Ran out of the room and ran to his.
Along the way, I remembered Marduk, the Savior, Ilya of Murom, Amir Timur, Hercules, Zhukov ,.
And many, many others who cast out “them.”
But, still they climb to us.
Although there is something to “climb”.
But, we will not simply give up “it” to them.
In the closet, I found what I was looking for and came back again.
That they cannot heal themselves explains what they are facing.
Their energy for another three days will be in imbalance.
– So the “hunt” has begun? – asked the Father, nodded affirmatively.
– The rest are warned? – Yes – Uncle Alexander answered.
And then, I pulled my amulet out of my pocket and put it on.
Amulet in the form of a pentagram.
It is precisely that pentagram or in another way the pentacle, the meaning of which was distorted by the guardians of the Khars.
And the rockers, Satanists, who paint their pentagram tattoos, believe that they are closer to the devil and try to call demons, but in vain.
In fact, they are the ones that are protected most of all from evil.
We have done so in order to save the lovers of the unclean and the people around them.
Signs that cause demons are hidden safely.
A huge contribution to this idea, put the demonologist Al Azif.
It was he who wrote the book “Necronomicon”.
The book was a bait for Satanists.
I squeezed a locket in my left hand.
Right, he raised his palm up and uttered a spell.
Father rushed to me.
But, I already felt how the flow of energy flowed into me.
The power of the energy was so strong that it darkened my eyes.

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– Why did you do that? – asked the father

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– I also want to participate in the “hunt” – I replied.
Now, I was “connected” to the guardian egregor.
And everyone, keeper-hars, no matter where in the world, he is.
I sensed a small signal, indicating that another “his” had entered the ranks of the fighters.
Children’s games are over.
The battle has begun.
The outcome of which will be clear in five months, in May.
Here I am finally again in Moscow.
I love this city.
From the windows of my favorite room offers a beautiful view of the Bolshoi Theater.
I always stay right here in Nazionale and try to get a suite on the 4th or 5th floor overlooking the Theater Square.
Moscow is full of life.
The weather turned bad, snow breaks.
I sent Lisa to the maid’s room.
I want to take a break from her.
Stay alone.
When I remain completely alone, I calmly attach to my thoughts about life.
I have a rather strange relationship with my friend.
We love each other, and we feel good together in all respects.
But after the birth of the second child, we had difficult financial times, I did not work for a long time, spent all the time with the children, no one helped us.
He had a new job, he often went on long trips, to study.
He wrote a scientific work.
Engaged in the organization of the new center.
Then it became easier, the children grew up, money appeared, many questions were resolved.
But I felt lonely and depressed, after all these problems.
We spoke very seriously then, we even discussed the possibility of our divorce, but then everything turned out well.
He allocated funds to me, and allowed me to disappear somewhere like this without prior agreement with him.
He himself hired me Lisa, who could accompany me on the way, if I want it.
I still do not understand, he knows or not, that Lisa is a man.
I think he guesses about it, moreover, he probably knows about my adventures on the side.
But he is silent, and never asks anything.
Given that we have with him complete harmony in sex and we often play quite exciting scenes ourselves.
I once complained to him, before my travels, that I had little imagination and imagination for such matters.
But lately I have been silent about this, because I realized that everything was fine with me.
These adventures on the side helped me to open up.
I am not ashamed of anyone, I forget about my upbringing.
Now I begin to understand that my husband did the right thing, weakening my “leash” of family life.
It went to all the benefit, and the children, and him, and the family in general.
He apparently waits for me to stop myself, say enough, so he does not torment me with interrogations.
During this time I have been in different situations, right up to critical ones, but apparently it had to go through in order to appreciate the merits of my loved one. Masters of sex tv series watch online.

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