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changes in the house.
Is that clear? “” Yes Mom.
“Both whispered.
“Good, because I’m going to be the mistress in this house, and since you’re still going to live here, then yours too.

I will demand unquestioning obedience from you.
“Two pairs of eyes stared at me with undisguised amazement.
“What about papa?” ??Alina asked calmly.
“And what about dad?” I asked.
“But he is the head of the family.
“Alina went into a whisper.
Laughing loudly, I looked them straight in the eye.
“Your father has never been the head of the house, ever since we got married and to this day I run this house, as well as your daddy.
“” Yes, this can not be “Dima’s voice sounded skeptical.
Giggling, I gently looked at him.
“Dima, your Dad has been my toy since we started dating.
Do I love him? Oh you can not even imagine how.
But in the bedroom he is subdued to me.
Was and always will be, by the way, to talk about my bedroom, it is not good that you spied on me.
I had to close the door, but you had no right to spy.
“I laughed again, looking at their sagging jaws, as I told them about their dad’s sexual inclinations and that I knew they were watching me.
“Yes, kids, I know that you observed how I masturbated, and I also saw that Alina’s

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head was moving back and forth, as if you were fucking.
“I looked at their instantly reddened faces.
This fact told me everything I need to know.
and how long have you been having sex? “I had no doubt that I was right,” Well! Alina? Dima? How long? None of them wanted to answer, so I got up and quickly went to the bedroom and came back with one of my hubby’s belts.
I put it on the table.
“Now, if one of you doesn’t want me to answer, I’ll give you so much that you won’t be able to sit for a week.
Well, since how long have you been fucking? “The dirty words seemed to shake them, they both stuttered.
‘Well one of you tell me.
Alina, tell mom.

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Mm, yes, Madam.
“She stuttered.
“Approximately 6 months.
We caressed each other with our hands, kissed each other, but we never really did it.
Dima usually shoved him between my thighs and thus moved back and forth.
slid on my girl and I was very good too.
But he has never been in me.
“” What a childhood! So he has never inserted his dick into your pussy? “They were shocked again that their mother knew such dirty words.
“No mommy.
“” Say it to Alin, say that Dima never fucked you in your lustful pussy.
“She sat red like a cancer and looked down; Dima sat deathly beside her.
I took the belt and slapped them on the table next to it.
Alina startled by surprise.
“No mommy, Dima never.
didn’t fuck me in my lustful p-p-izda.
“” And anyone besides Dima, “I asked.
She swallowed nervously.
“I am not a virgin, if this is what you mean mother.
“I nod and smile.
I was pleased that she was not a virgin, because I decided that it was time to include my children in their world of parental sexual entertainment.
Why this particular decision came to me, I have no idea, but I will do it.
I was going to make them the same sex slaves as their father was.
I looked at Dima.
“Are you a virgin? I do not consider masturbation or oral sex as you lose virginity.
Have you ever fucked anyone?
boy? ” “I am not a boy.
” He blushed.
“Oh yeah.
“I lowered my voice as much as when I spoke to his slave daddy.
“You’re the same as father.
Cute little slut toy that needs to be trained to please a woman.
“His face flushed.
“No mom.
I had sex before.
“” Say it like your sister.
“He blushed again.
“I’ve been fucking before, mom.
“I smiled, took the belt and got up from the table.
“Well, I like that you both are not virgins.
This greatly simplifies my task.
Follow me.
We have a lot of time to do before your dad comes home from work.
Hello, my name is Olya, but My Master often calls me his obedient Slut, and I respond with pleasure.
I just recently turned 28 years old, I am a tall blonde with long legs, wide hips and a small but very sensitive chest.
And also, I really love sex.
My master knows this and often enjoys making him (he thinks, what makes him, I provoke him to it myself) to have sex everywhere and with anyone.
Well, that met.
And now I will share my stories, something was in fact, but something I came up with a little.
I have repeatedly confessed to my Boss that I dream of being a lustful bitch under a real dog, and one day: The owner told me to dress like a real Hook.
I was delighted with the upcoming adventure and ran off to dress, and I still had that wardrobe.
I didn’t need a bra, my breasts due to their small size, and they always stand in perfect shape, so I pulled on a short thin top and admired my reflection in the mirror. Real office sex caught on camera.

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