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She took her vacation, she was just lying at home, but with Tankoy on the phone she talked for hours on the phone.
Then for another week at the hospital went away, disappearing every night at Tanka.
But I didn’t allow me to go to the body, I was very excited then, didn’t my wife change the “color”, didn’t become rosy? I received answers to all the questions, of course, from Tatyana.

By the time of the meeting, we had not seen each other since that “massage” evening,

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that is, about two weeks.

We sat in a cafe, I drank coffee, and our planning genius whipped the viskar.
Nervous she be healthy: – Mish, are you not angry with me? – Not yet.
The sight was beyond.
And I am in some way grateful to you.
But if I do not hear a sensible explanation of what is happening with Julia now, then I will start to get angry.
Are you asking me about this? Tanya waved another batch of alcohol and exhaled: – I love her, – another sip of whiskey, – that’s all, she said.
Not to say that these words have stunned me, in principle, something like that I expected to hear.
Only one thing was embarrassing, it was obvious, it was no longer just about friendship and love or affection, no, here it smelled of deep feeling.

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– I see, everything is clear with you.
And what about Julia? If Tanka continues to drink at a pace, then the conversation will not work, she naturally still waved a portion: – Mish, just because you are an adequate person, I decided to raise this topic altogether.
It can be seen, a chic woman fell in love with a woman.
– Tanya, – I tried to be absolutely calm, – I asked you a question, what is Julia? How is she? Despite the fact that I am not a saint, she is my wife.
Her peace for me is not in last place.
Therefore, I ask you for the last time, and I ask you to answer clearly what Julia feels, and what the hell is going on with her !!! Tatiana looked into my eyes and answered firmly: – She loves me too.
At the time I was there, I will report to you.
I thought that it would happen that my wife would have a little delayed on the side, as she would have liked to have a look at it, but just find out, and then, bang, and that.
I was confused in one word.
After all, I thought about fleeting connections with the men, and in front of me sits not just not a man, but.
Well, in general, shit in one word.
I also ordered myself a drink, but only vodka, a bottle.
Nahrenachils I Tatyana that day in the snot.
Naturally, Julia came to pick us up, we were simply unable to even stand.
Until they snapped up, Tatiana asked for more time, she would tell me everything and suggest how to actually live further, asked to trust her.
Another week passed, his wife still practically lived with Tanya.
But Tatyana kept her word and at the appointed time we were sitting in the same cafe. Sex and the city series online free.

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