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I already tumbled my head into the aisle, when the flight attendant, already beloved by me, had instructed in our compartment.
She did not even look at me, but made it possible to understand that she was feeling my attention, but she was not pushing herself away from him either.
After climbing, the drinks were carried.

– Is the wine white or red? – I heard her question in a gentle voice.
– Is it possible both white and red? – Of course.
– the stewardess put two full cups in front of me.
From surprise, I didn’t know how to continue, when suddenly she herself suggested: – Maybe a brandy? – and took the bottle.
I felt a reproachful glance at her of her colleague standing on the other side of the tray.
– Thank.
Not worth it.
I’ll also start to brawl on the plane.
– I tried to smooth out the situation.
– As you want.
– she smiled.
“No misters!” flashed through my head.
I already held my breath.
And yet, when they moved further back along the aisle, her palm, as if accidentally touched my cheek.
I was excited, turned my head, and: Oh! God
In the section of a narrow skirt, from behind, I suddenly see a lace elastic.
She is also in stockings.
Everything, my excited imagination has reached the limit.
I did not know how I would reach Orlando without rubbing my dick imperceptibly.
But then she almost did not appear.
It was only when dinner was being carried that she did not immediately ask me to put two types of wine on the table in front of me at once and unnoticed by her friend brandy.
I wanted to give the brandy to my neighbor, seeing his approving glance at us, but he indicated with a gesture that he was not drinking.
It was dark behind the porthole, the passengers were going to bed.
But I could not sleep, None of the films also did not look.

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In her head only her image.
And only one thought.
How to drive to it and what then to do with it? Suddenly I notice her.
Going down the aisle, watching the passengers, who is asleep, is it convenient for them.
It corrects plaids.
Without looking at me, he stops nearby, looking at the passengers sitting across the aisle from me.
Right on my face is a lovely round ass, covered with a skirt and these slender hips! Up to them centimeters 10.
How I waited for this moment.
How I wanted to admire her charms at close range.
But what is it? She suddenly leans toward the passenger sitting at the opposite window, and as if straightens his pillow.
Her ass on my face bulges, it becomes even rounder.
Skirt treacherously rises up.
I’m starting to see more and more.
Here are the edges of stockings.
Some subtle movement of the hips and skirt even higher.
Now my gaze is already visible to her crotch, covered with white lace panties.
My roof carries.
The nose feels its fragrance emanating between the legs.
I involuntarily hug her hips,

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pull her to me.
My lips through wet panties, touching her sex lips.
I feel how she twitches, but does not unbend.
I press my face into her ass, my lips are pressed closer to her crotch.
I feel how it starts to flow strongly.
I thought I heard a slight moan.
Suddenly some rustling in the cabin.
She unbends sharply.
Sharply moving the look, inspects the salon.
It seems like a false alarm.
And then, she suddenly turns around suddenly, turning to me in front, she herself lifts her skirt with her hands, lifts her leg, puts it on the armrest between me and my neighbor.
She fingers off her panties and stares me in the face.
Of course, I immediately understand what to do.
I squeezed my hands between her hips, put my palms on my butt buns and pulled me close.
And again my face plunged into her.
Lips pressed to the excited clitoris.
I started pulling him with my tongue, sucking him, pressing my nose into the pubis with neat hairs.
My tongue more and more rapidly tapped on the clitoris, conducted through the excited and swollen sex lips, collecting from them delicious love juice.
I am fond of his taste and sweet smell.
And she, having already closed her eyes and threw her head back, was quietly moaning, slightly opening her mouth.
Her eyes are closed, but she could see her pupils running under covered eyelids.
She was holding the back of my chair with one hand, and the other behind the chair in front of him, since he had fallen asleep without dropping it, and there was plenty of space. Sex teen webcam tube.

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