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Hell, that was the best mom’s idea – to invite Melissa to live with them.
Countless times Jason would go into Melissa’s room while she was at work, take her panties and jerk off.
And then put them in place, leaving them bright traces of sperm.

When his eyes got used to the darkness, he saw his younger sister, who was standing in her little blue nightie beside the bed, and looked at his dick sticking out of her panties.
Jason quickly covered himself with a blanket.
“God, Yakinta, what the hell are you doing here?” He whispered loudly, embarrassed by the fact that his sister saw his cock.
“I heard Mom and Melissa doing something: something: and I wanted to ask you about it.
I thought you knew.
You’re the eldest, “explained Yakint, shifting from one foot to the other, trying to relieve the itching in the

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“What does it mean to do something?” Asked Jason.
“I didn’t see them.
But I heard how they moan, scream and say all sorts of obscene things, as if they are having sex.
But how can two girls have sex? Will they have a baby? “Said Yakinta, confused by her ignorance.
“Wow!” Jason thought.
He imagined how his sexy mom and Melissa fucked, and his dick became even more.
Tongues lick juicy, adult vagina, mom sucks Melissa’s big tits.
“Jason, so what are they doing there?”, Yakint’s brother tore off her sweet thoughts, noticing how the bulge on the blanket grows.
“I don’t know if I should tell you about it, little sister,” Jason answered dubiously.
He loved his little sister very much and did not want to influence her psyche so much, telling the details of lesbian love.

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She is very beautiful, Jason thought, looking at her long blond hair framing a pretty face with big blue eyes.
One day she will make some guy very happy.
“Please, I want to know.
Well, please, Jason, “Yakint yelled, climbing onto the bed and hugging her brother.
He hugged her and decided what the hell, someday she would find out anyway.
Finally, having made up his mind, he described in detail his sister all the details of lesbian sex, as far as he knew himself, using words that she would understand.
When he finished, Jason realized that he was greatly excited by the explanation about sex to his sister.
Yakinta was amazed at what she heard from her brother.
She was all excited too, and she firmly decided that she had to deal with some obscene things with Jason today.
She grabbed a blanket and threw it aside, again revealing her brother’s tight dick.
“Yakinta, what are you doing?” Jason exclaimed, reaching for a blanket.
But the girl was faster.
She was the first to grab the blanket and giggle.
“I want to look at your pipisku”, she laughed, bending down and clasping her burgundy head.
Jason did not know what to do.
One part of him was overcome by the desire to allow his sister to jerk off to him, while the other demanded that she immediately send the girl to her bedroom.
He grabbed her hand and removed from his penis.
“Yakint, we can’t do that.
This is very, very wrong.
Brothers and sisters should not do such things.
And besides, you’re still too small, “Jason tried to explain.
“I’m not at all small!” Yakint exclaimed.
“I want to touch your pipisku.
If you like, you can touch mine, “she said loudly.
“Damn, Yakinta, mom can hear, speak slower!” Jason said in fright.
Although he knew it was bad, he wanted to finish too much.
In addition, his sexy sister led him more than ever.
He again took her small hand and laid it on his dick.
She began to study it with awe, marveling at its size.
Her little hand barely embraced a huge maroon head.
“From here are you writing?” She asked, sliding her finger along the hole in the head.
Jason was in seventh heaven with pleasure.
“Yes sweetie.
And when a boy fucks a girl, sperm flows from here to make a baby.
Come on, little one, take it with a pen and move it like this. ”
He showed her how to masturbate, and she slowly began to drive her penis by hand. Sexy live now.

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