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She noticed how he had disappeared in the toilet, and rushed after him.
The men’s toilet smelled of urine and bleach.
Redhead, not knowing what, stood at the urinal.

She crept up behind him, squatted on her haunches and, stretching her neck, opened her mouth wide.
He was taken aback, noticing another hole next to the urinal, but, hesitating for a second, he nevertheless lowered the red member there, from which gold droplets were still flowing.
She closed her lips, and now it was a matter of little – do not miss the treats.
She was a master at this: one should start slowly so as not to scare away the oblique, gradually releasing the hare energy from him.
When the redhead hammered in ecstasy, she sped up.
Here it is, the hare soul, flows in powerful thick streams into its throat, slips inward, settling to the bottom of the vessel, in which it will be held captive by the captive today.

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Roberto was waiting for Vika at the table.
She washed down the salty taste of red hare sperm with champagne and ordered to pay.
At parting, he tried to kiss her, but she only set her cheek.
She was cold and merciless to him all three months, while he unsuccessfully tried to care for her.
During these attacks, she continued to collect men’s souls, mostly finding them in the toilets.
At the same time in lengthy e-mails, she began to hint Roberto that from childhood she felt like a boy, but fate decreed otherwise.
“Are you a lesbian?” Was his first reaction.
In my fantasies I am a boy, I have sex with a girl. ”
This shocked him.
“Do you want to change the sex?” He asked when he came to his senses.
Plus, I’m afraid to have surgery. ”
They continued to communicate, and Roberto learned more and more to Vika from an unusual side.

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“I have a strepon.
Sometimes I wear men’s clothes and present myself as a man, ”she wrote.
It did not fit in his head, but Roberto was ready to believe.
Everything that came from Vicky was beyond doubt.
“I like you,” she wrote after a while.
– But you need another.
The clouds thickened over Roberto.
He desperately clung to any straw: “Why?” “I need a girl, you too.”
He digested this fact for a long time before answering: “But you are a girl, you know.”
“And you are not,” she immediately replied.
Tisha campbell sexy.

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