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True, Sasha? Will you, like all good boys, go to the pot in time? Natasha and Alena are pinning great hopes on you.
And how often do you need to put the one and a half year old baby on the pot? – asked Natasha.
According to the small – every two hours, – said Masha, – And by and large – 15-20 minutes after eating.

Always make to go in a small way before bathing, ”added Sveta,“ So as not to write in the bath, nursery kids oh, how they love this occupation.
Especially the boys.
And of course the child should go to the pot before going to bed.
Make sure that not only pee, but also as it should go in a big way.
Having fastened both hooks of my sliders, Sveta sat me on the table.
Already you can pick up the baby? – impatiently asked Alena.
Wait, – Elena Vladimirovna smiled, – Now we will bring you two bags.
In one there is a complete set of baby care products for toddlers, and in the other baby food for a week.
The head nodded to Masha and she left somewhere.
A couple of minutes later the girl returned with two big bags.
Here you can find everything you need for childcare, ”said the manager, placing one of the bags on the next changing table,“ Let’s see together. ”
Elena Vladimirovna unzipped the zipper and opened the bag.
So many different accessories! – said Alena in astonishment, -.
And for each its own branch or pocket! – Two baby bottles, two spoons, three nipples, pacifiers, a set of washcloths, special liquid soap, – Elena Vladimirovna began to list the contents of the bag, – Two oilcloths – into bed and on the changing table, a set of thin and warm diapers, two bibs, two large pieces of gauze, thermometer, enema, petroleum jelly, baby oil, powder, diaper rash cream, moisturizer, cotton swabs.
The head has opened a new branch of the bag.
And here we have a pot, – she smiled, – Two boxes of disposable wet wipes for washing, bathing accessories: soap, shampoo and a sponge.

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It seems everything showed.
Elena Vladimirovna, not without difficulty, lifted the second bag on the table and began to demonstrate its contents.
mostly baby food jars and dry cereals.
You can also give fruits and vegetables, ”she added,“ This is our list of what a child can and cannot do.
Adult sweets are strictly contraindicated, not to mention chocolate.
Zipping both bags, the manager took them off the table.
I will not even offer you our clothes, ”she smiled,“ Usually nobody takes it. ”
Buy themselves, because everyone wants to dress the child in their own way.
On the

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way home to Detsky Mir, we will stop, ”Anna Sergeyevna told her daughters,“ Choose clothes for Sasha there to your liking.
And diapers? – asked Alena, – Also buy yourself? No diapers! – said Anna Sergeyevna, – I did not use when I raised you, and I will not let you.
You will fold the gauze diapers.
And in general – at the age of one and a half, the child should already be without diapers.
Now all the babies in pampers walk, ”Natasha objected.“ Some are almost five years old.
“Disposable diapers are for lazy parents,” said Anna Sergeyevna, “Do you want to wear a diaper to your child and forget about it for half a day? Well, I do not! I’m not going to simplify anything for you.
You will make sure that the little goad would go to the pot in time and wash away after wet pants.
To understand what kind of work it is – child care.
OK, Mom! – Natasha said softly. How much do you take? – asked the manager, pulling Anna Sergeyevna some paper.
So far for a week, ”she replied,“ And then we decide whether to return or keep on. ”
A child can be returned at any time, ”said Elena Vladimirovna,“ or be exchanged for another.
Having signed in several documents, Anna Sergeyevna handed a thick envelope to the head.
Elena Vladimirovna’s face immediately broke into a contented smile.
My nannies will carry these bags down, ”she said, nodding to Masha and Sveta.
The girls took the bag and stared expectantly at Anna Sergeyevna.
Well, what are you standing, Alena? – Anna Sergeevna pushed her younger daughter, – Take your Sasha in your arms.
You wanted him that way.
How heavy! – noticed Alena, taking me in her arms.
Bye, Sasha! – Elena Vladimirovna smiled at me, – I am sure that you and Alena with Natasha will like it very much.
All slowly headed for the door.
Ahead went Anna Sergeyevna with Natasha, Alena with them in my arms, and the nannies puffing behind us with heavy bags in their hands.
We took the elevator down and I immediately saw a light blue 600th Mercedes parked right outside the door of the laboratory.
You are still setting Sasha in a child seat, ”said Anna Sergeyevna, pressing a button on the key with a three-beam star,“ And I will help the girls to load the bags in the trunk. Watch online hot sex videos.

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