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She was already wet and dripping.
Her fingers divided the lips of the recording and groped the bulging clit.
In excess of feelings, she screamed.

A picture with Dripping Kid Herman was stuck to the mirror.
God, how beautiful he is, she thought.
Taking off her panties, she threw them on the bed.
With one hand she continued to stroke her nipples sticking out, two fingers of the other hand found a place in her wet pussy.
She peered intently at the Dripping Kid.
What a pity that you can not fuck them right now! It was rather strange that she did not in the least think about the possible consequences of her actions.
Dripping Kid Herman? Yes, even after what happened to her.
Shortly before this, she fucked one guy and immediately became pregnant.
But before that, she only occasionally masturbated, and not too intense!

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An orgasm approached her before her hips touched the bed.
She pinched her nipples hard by adding a third finger into her vagina.
Choking with pleasure, she jerked with her whole body, using not only pussy, but also a tight butt hole, desperately trying to stay at the level of arousal achieved.
– Lynn? Lynn, what’s wrong with you? Did you get a bowl of chips, Lynn? – Alf was standing in the corner of the room, with a dead look watching the young girl beating in continuous orgasm.
An overturned cup of chips lay here beside the bed.
– Oh no, Lynn! You did not eat from it !? – Alf? Oh god, Alf! You should not see me in this condition! But I can not.
I can not stop! It is simply impossible! “Did you eat from the cup, Lynn?” – Yes.
I ate chips.
Oh yes.
– she sobbed, rising to the wave of another orgasm.
– But why do you ask?

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“And now you are in a state of sexual frenzy!” Is that so? “For the sake of the devil himself, stop interrogating me with your professorial meticulousness!” Yes it is! So what? “Lynn, the thing is that there was something in this cup.”
as if it were more subtle – my Melmakan seed.
– you jerked off in this cup !? – Not certainly in that way.
But the fact is, Lynn, my dear, that this thing causes an extremely strong addiction reaction on earth women! – Addictive? What are you talking about? – Well, I’ll show you.
Alf climbed onto the bed and sat down next to Lynn’s head.
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