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I guessed that my hips and ass swaying, in time with my steps, adding new erotic experiences to me.
“She’s just lovely,” Kaylee and Susan clapped.
“Now, lie on your back on the bed, honey, and more, try to speak softer, as we do,” Susan told me.

“Spread your legs, please,” said Kaylie, and I did not keep them waiting.
“Honey, please put a pillow under our girl’s ass,” Kaylie turned to Susan.
I raised myself, and Susan pushed the pad under me.
Kaylee again spread my legs, and then asked them to lift up.
I lay back and closed my eyes, still not believing that her finger had penetrated my anus.
I slightly strained my muscles and felt how they envelop my finger.
“That’s right, girl,” said Kaylie. “Do it again.”
And I tried.
I squeezed my little ring over and over again, while she diligently worked out my ass with her finger.
Then Susan intercepted my other leg, and Kaylee meanwhile went to her boudoir and, when she returned, I saw a long double dildo in her hands.
I got a little nervous, because it’s one thing to try and finger me into my tiny hole, and it is quite another thing to get in there with such a big rubber member! Although I was excited, I was not going to stop.
When Kaylie asked Susie to take a rubber cock in her mouth, my cock immediately assumed an inflexible position.

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She obviously liked it, the dick became all wet when Kaylie pulled him out of her mouth and sent it into my hole.
She smiled at me when she touched the head of my virgin pussy’s cock and purred.
– Relax, honey, and you will not hurt at all.
I did my best to relax when a cool head began to penetrate me.
Kaylee acted cautiously and penetrated me with a few pauses.
I was so carried away by the process that I completely forgot

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about how I would explain to my wife that there is not a single hair on my body.
Meanwhile, Kaylee lay down next to me and, without ceasing to fuck me, began to suck my dick.
I completely lost my mind, still not believing what was happening, that she was sucking my dick and at the same time fucking me! I moaned in a woman’s voice, remembering the admonition.
The rubber penis was already deep inside me, and it was extraordinarily beautiful.
At this moment, for the first time, I felt the desire to feel the real member in me, especially when he ends up with you.
“Try to squeeze your hole when your cock is deep inside you,” Susan told me.
I did as she ordered, squeezing her pussy around the penis, when he was completely in me.
The more I did it, the more I was delighted.
I knew that I must feel a real, pulsating member inside me.
Looking up, I saw that now Suzy was fucking me, while Kayle was completely giving herself to the blow job.
This picture even more aroused me and I, sensing the approach of an orgasm, shot an extraordinarily large portion of sperm into Kaylee’s mouth.
But she continued to suck at me anyway, and I screamed like a real woman after a delightful orgasm.
As soon as Kayle pulled the dildo out of me, they both sat back on the bed on either side of me.
Smiling Susie took my face in her hands.
– Our girl just got her first member.
Well, how was it, honey? she asked, kissing me tenderly.
– It was excellent! British anal webcam.

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