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What she would do in Verkhnerechensk, where to look for Vadim’s paw, the Circle, the Master’s past, she didn’t even think, Tanka didn’t have a habit of thinking about her actions.
However, the same habit in different people often leads to different results, and yet Theta was no longer Tanka.
She did not have to travel in distant trains before, and she did not know what kind of cars there were.

Therefore, when the cashier asked what car she was in, Theta blithely blinked out – the best one – and immediately howled to herself when the cashier called the price.
However, the money, from the apartment where the Boss fell and buried in the wall, she had, and there was not a single reason for saving them.
Take her another ticket, and everything would be different.
Because the conductor of the “luxury” car was extremely surprised by a strange girl, riding alone in a posh coupe, but in no way this compartment is appropriate.
He struck the brigadier just in case, and he missed the muddy maiden to the destination station, where the brave Mezhdurechensk lieutenant advanced in time to the train, ready to screw, twist and hold.
She is not afraid of cops.
Very few people were afraid of them in her suburb, and when the brave lieutenant demanded documents, she calmly took out a passport.
Here her journey would have ended – the lieutenant was determined to hold a strange girl, but the Host’s business card remained in the passport, lay at the end.
The lieutenant flipped through the passport, wondering what could actually be done with an incomprehensible girl, and saw a variety of options, from using by the whole compartment, to driving someone suitable.

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He already realized that the girl was all alone, and surely there were tails behind her.
And if not, you can paint on, nothing tricky.
So, trying to figure out, the lieutenant walked up to the business card with the blue dragon.
And, after drinking it, I immediately forgot about my plans, because I heard about this dragon.
And what he heard demanded the girl (and not the girl any longer) to immediately release, apologize and trump up – you never know.
And the dragon car “lux” was also completely explained.
The lieutenant’s thoughtful expression changed to offended, it didn’t cost him anything to say, but I also wanted to show my awareness, so Tete was once again lucky.
– It is clear that you did not immediately say.
Please – he handed the passport – it means in the “Coastal”? Theta nodded silently, although she heard about “Coastal” for the first time, took the passport and left the offended lieutenant behind her back.

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As it turned out, after some inquiries from taxi drivers, “Coastal” was a small but very expensive hotel, far enough from the station.
It remained to find the paw of Vadim and the mysterious Circle.
The business card with the dragon Theta shifted to the beginning of the passport, realizing that she was here something like a password.
Probably it was right, because the administrator at the hotel, seeing the business card, immediately asked if the distinguished guest wanted to rest, or he had better call the car right away.
Aunt really wanted to stay at the hotel for at least a few hours, she only saw such shows in the TV series, but she was afraid to scare her luck away and did not want to rest, but she wanted a car.
The administrator sat Tetu in a huge chair, gave her coffee, rang somewhere, and ten minutes later, the car was in place.
The driver glanced at the business card, then, with doubt, at Tetu, again at the business card, shrugged his shoulders and opened the door.
It turned out to be quite close.
After a couple of minutes, the car turned, to Teta’s surprise, at the gate of a large hospital.
The inscription flashed through – the emergency room, several ambulances, a couple more turns and the car stopped at a large old building, but not at the elegant main entrance, but at a small door in the end. Chaturbate cam model.

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