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Probably cooks something tasty for tomorrow.
Surprise is so surprise – I’ll pick it up unnoticed.
Carefully trying not to creak with a gate, I make my way to the precinct, silently sneak up on the window, see what she does there.

I was dumbfounded.
At the table was a hefty bull, my wife was naked at his feet.
Her whole face was in semen and tears.
And this guy banged on her face with his just finished, but still worthwhile member.
– That baby, have fun on.
My wife cringed and meekly sat in the legs.
– What are you silent, blyudyuga? Do not like? Already in all holes have, she is not happy.
Right now, tricks will show.
And he kicked her between her legs.
My wife mumbled something plaintively.
The man stretched his hand up, tore off the rope on which we dried clothes, took off her clothespins and began to hang Lena’s boobs with them.
Five minutes later they looked like two hedgehogs.
I was gripped with panic from the start.
I obeyed him so much that there was no talk of any intention to rush in and kill this son of a bitch.
Moreover, I could not defeat this bedil.
After the procedure, the man began to be excited and again plunged his dick into his wife’s mouth.
It is not enough to say that she knew how to do it, she had just a talent for sucking.
Having wrapped her hair in a fist, he stuck her head on his huylo in a shocked way.
Tits wife shaking in time and some clothespins flew from her breasts.
Five minutes later, realizing that he could not finish this time, he stopped her head and began to pull on her nipples.

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Judging by his contentment, he was amused to watch Lenka twitch and cry.
I was uneasy to look at it.
I must admit that Lenka and I practiced group sex, or rather any booze party with my friends that took place in our

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house, ended with the fact that I suggested everyone to fuck my wife, and she was very good at accepting other people’s members.
So they fucked her all together or in turns, which made me very excited.
And then I loved her, and she was created for fucking and her holes deserved to be constantly fucked.
It happened that I came home, where one of my friends was already expecting me, and a disheveled and contented wife, who had already swallowed sperm.
So she had perfectly designed holes and behaved like a slut in our company, which everyone used to suit her taste, but for both of us it was a thrill.
Even some trifle excited a lot – for example, when someone with me, without any constraint, crushed her boobs.
Of course, the attitude of my friends towards me was, let’s say, a peculiar one (I’d have substituted my wife for everyone in a row), but having a full-time pretty slut in the company was beneficial.
When my wife was pregnant, it was very cool to watch this madame with her round tummy fuck and cum on him.
But when the gestation period came to an end, Lenka only took in his mouth, which few people were against.
Frankly, in addition to all of our company Lenka fucked with many.
Regularly it had our neighbor on the landing.
It was funny, if it happened to sleep, in the morning to hear a doorbell.
You open the door, is a neighbor with a stupid question – whether I can or my wife tie a tie.
Lenka also did not miss the plumber, the movers bringing furniture and the like.
And those two Moldavians who made a fence for us at the dacha insured her for a week of work so that the poor fellow could not bring her legs together.
Watching this guy torturing Lenka, I began to get excited.
It happened that in the course of carbon group sex, someone also tortured Lenka, but still they knew the boundaries. Livejasmin cam videos.

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