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One of them, the youngest and most hungry, Subject, avidly and in every detail represented how bitches just as well tilted their heads up, putting their faces under the streams of his sperm.
Necessarily thrown back, in this, none of the four friends did not doubt.
The second of the bitches, by the way, was larger than her slim girlfriend, in a blue short dress, tightly vomit all her delicious curvaceous body.

Particularly fucking looking ass, which was a little bit plump than it was necessary, but from this she looked even richer and more depraved.
The guys looked at each other: – Who will go? – asked, in anticipation, leaning back in his chair, Sergey.
– Let me! – quickly said his younger brother, Subject, licking his lips.
– Nope, too small for such, – Seryoga grinned, – Arsen, can you? The Armenian grunted, rose imposingly, and, under the cackle of the other guys, he adjusted the member picturefully through his trousers, confidently and slowly moving towards the stairs, waddling as if in his own home.
“See,” Andrew laughed, “Khachov’s self-confidence decides.”
As usual, actually.
And they, as if having forgotten about the dance floor, raised their shots and clinked joyfully and noisily.
It was two in the morning on Saturday and it was not the first club to which they stopped in search of fresh meat, as they called it.
In the previous one, under their satisfied rzhach, some kind of blonde called them arrogant bastards, when Arsen offered her the whole bar to suck him in the toilet for a hundred bucks.

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And sometimes it worked, by the way.
Especially if we say this from the new “Mazda”, which was recently presented to the Subject on its eighteenth anniversary.
In general, hot-tempered blonde shrew guys were impatient to eat fresh teens.
And two hot bitches, invitingly wagging their pretty asses on the dance floor, were perfectly suited for this.
Arsen, going down to the first floor, walked to the bar counter, from where, on two females, there was a great view through a specially formed corridor in the dancing crowd.
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hiding a contentious smirk, he leaned on the bar and began to look at his goal in a businesslike manner.
Boorish, in the best Caucasian traditions, the eyes greedily dug into the succulent thighs of the one that is fuller.
They were tightly wrapped in black stockings, with a lace band that appeared from under the snatching on of the dress much more often than necessary.
And maybe just as much as this bitch wanted, a thought flashed through my head at a contented Armenian.
The girls, perhaps unwittingly, advertised themselves as the best option for the continuation of this evening.
Arsen, not in a hurry, amused himself by presenting in detail how exactly and where he would fuck each one.
No matter how he admired the naked brunette’s appetizing ass, more in his fantasies got slender – it was painfully passionate she moved to the music, continuously playfully looking into the eyes of the second bitch, forcing a member in Arsen’s pants to get poured blood.
– Nitsche, bitch, you are still twitching today, – he could not stand it, he muttered out loud and immediately met her gaze.
The brunette, breathing heavily, answered his insolent scrutiny with her usual playful eyebrow sweep, and, picked up by the hand of her friend, headed for the bar.
The Armenian girlfriend, breathless and drunkenly laughing, didn’t pay attention and, quickly jumping on the bar stool, put her legs on the leg, allowing Arsen, who was not lost, to look at the gum stockings already at arm’s length. Online sex online sex.

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