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Gene thought and made a discovery.
– Her breasts are more beautiful! – Yeah! Chest! And what else! Gene giggled again.
– Well, there, legs are more beautiful, a stomach a back, the priest.

He said the last word almost inaudibly.
Well, vooot! – it turns out that Marina is more beautiful.
I will tell her.
“Will she take everything off herself?” – Of course I answered, everything will be removed.
But there is one problem, if she removes everything from herself, then you will have to kiss her in all open places! And can not only kiss.
Gene giggled again.
Finally he squeezed out of himself.
– I agree.
– What do you agree on? – Well, I agree, as Sasha says, to do a black deed.
– Specify in Russian, – I demanded.
Gene giggled again and couldn’t squeeze out more words.
– Do you want Marina undressed? – I continued the interrogation.
“I want to,” he replied in an uneven voice.
– Do you want to lie down with her? Gene giggled again.
– Yes or no? – Yes I want to.
– Marina is a modest, honest young woman and can do it only for love.
Do you love her? – I do not know.
– It is a pity that you do not know.
Kisses and everything else without love is canceled.
“I love her,” Gena realized.
– Yeah-hh? Indeed? – Yes!!! – Wow.
And tell me, who do you love me or her more? – Of course you! – You were unlucky! Marina is a modest, honest young woman and can only kiss the one who loves her the most.
– You’re still joking! Then come up with something else! – No, if you firmly say that you love Marina six times more than me, then I will persuade her.
– Not at six, only five times! “That’s how bad you are!” Just saying that he loves me, that I am beautiful, and then it turns out that Marinka is more beautiful, and he loves her five times more.
I’m going to cry! – You promised to persuade Marina Viktorovna.
– I promised to persuade her if you love her more than me six times, and you only five times.

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So persuade yourself! – Six times! At six o’clock! I was wrong that time! “You are Gena, absolutely lurking!” “He’s been calling for more than an hour.”
– Gena complained.
My head already hurts.
– My head hurts? So, the black deed is canceled! Gene giggled again.
– And here is the head? Everything else does not hurt me.
– You’re Gena still small, then you will know that the head is most important.
Since the elves got into a new home, they have changed their roles.
Ciel became the concubine of the new master, and Liel became the ordinary maid.
The elven princess was doing the dirtiest work, like washing, cleaning.
When they met in the house with the former bodyguard, she looked at the princess with a scornful look and passed by.
Liel walked in an old dress, which gradually turned into a fray.
Once, when she was washing the floors in the master bedroom, a young girl came into the room.
He is about the same height as Liel, with long, slightly curly hair of fiery red color, and with a breast that is noticeably protruding from under his clothes.
She was wearing a short green dress and sandals.
Liel hastily moved away to the side, passing her, but she sat down next to the elf on her haunches.
“So,” she said, “are you my father’s new maid?” I heard about you.
I have never seen a sharp-eared maid.
Liel remained silent.
There was a pause between them.
The girl took Liel’s chin with her hand and lifted it up, looking into her eyes: “You will come here tonight, understand?” To this room.
I’ll wait for you.
And do not even think to disobey.
Do you understand? Liel obediently nodded, still not understanding, and the girl, smiling sweetly at her, got up and left the room.
Liel continued her occupation.
In the evening she, as ordered, came to this room and, knocking, carefully pushed the door.
With a creak, she succumbed, revealing to Liel a room that was immersed in twilight.
She crossed the threshold.
From the far corner of the room where the boudoir stood, a girl appeared, dressed already in a bathrobe: – Well done, she came.
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.
Ten more minutes, and I would have ordered you to be whipped in the yard.
Come here.
Liel obeyed.
Without ceremony, the girl pulled her dress, which immediately fell to the floor in a lump.
She laughed: – To you, sharp-eared, probably, not for the first time to undress in front of the hostess.

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Listen to me carefully.
I want you to give me pleasure.
Now you will do everything that I tell you, and if you disobey, they are waiting for you to be whipped.
Clear? – She sat on the bed, stretched her legs.
– Now punch me.
Liel stood on her knees and began to pull off the sandals from the feet of the hostess. Sex lady art just beauty free online.

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