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I feel some kind of strange perverse excitement from his humiliation.
I am disgusting to myself, but I can’t do anything with myself, I so want to be obedient, and I unbutton the buttons, and painfully unscrew the nipples of my breasts so that they will stick out invitingly when you come.
Oh! You do not pay attention to me.

Well, let’s see who wins.
I use all possible women’s tricks, tall heels, my legs are almost endless, I walk shyly at my thighs, I bend down when I give you documents and invitingly pop my ass, I sit down on a chair so that the edge of a lace stocking is visible.
A couple of times I have been given a longer look than a closet, and these are all my achievements.
Your indifference upsets and enrages at the same time.
What game is this? What kind of strange game are you playing with me? On Friday, I was about to leave when I heard your voice.
– Annie, come to me.
I enter.
Oh, did you decide to look at such an unworthy object like me.
Something subtly changed in your office, a couch, such a small leather couch, did not even know that it unfolds. Sexi live vidio.

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