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One summer I decided to go fishing.
Yes, a little about myself, I was about twenty-five years old, I worked on my minibus by telephone orders: if there are orders, you work, there are no orders, you rest.
And having collected my belongings, tackles, not forgetting to grab a small hinged motor, I went to a familiar ranger, from him I had already ordered a boat, attached a motor to it, and forth to the islands.

Quite quickly getting out of the city, I rushed to the turn to the Ohotbaze, and turned onto the country road, it was necessary to drive almost ten kilometers along it.
After a couple of kilometers I saw a fisherman walking alone in front of me, when I caught up with him, he did not turn around and voted, and I slowed down.
– Please take me to the boat station, – a boy of fifteen or sixteen turned to me at the open door of the car, – otherwise I was already tired of the heat, but with a backpack.
– Sit down, just go there and go, – I helped put the backpack and fishing rods, and we drove along the country road.
The boy, introduced himself as Cyril, and told about himself that he was studying at a technical school, in practice he earned some money and decided to take a rest for a week or two, not leaving far from the city, but, unfortunately, he did not find partners.
When we arrived at the hunting base, I found the huntsman, and after about twenty minutes, I attached the outboard motor to the selected boat.
Cyril approached me, he was upset, as it turned out, when he was going fishing, he did not think of taking his documents with him, and the huntsman did not give him a boat.
He had only one way out – to go fishing from the shore, but for this it was necessary to move pretty well away from the base, because in this place the shore was very much overgrown with reeds.
At this point, for the first time I was able to examine the boy more closely.
A sporty figure, a pretty face, with a gentle blush on his cheeks, which the razor most likely still didn’t touch, short blond hair, it even seemed to me that he was now bursting into tears at himself and the whole world.

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I want to share this story with you, in the hope that many of you probably have had such cases, and you write me your feedback.
And so, acquaintance according to INETU, passed into a new stage – a real acquaintance.
I wait, I can not wait, when that moment will come when we will first see each other.
As if I did not calm myself, and excitement, of course, spills over the edge (as for the first time).
And then came the long-awaited evening.
I am waiting for you at the cafe with a bouquet of flowers, as usual, you are a little late.
And now I see how you appeared, you go quickly and gracefully, like the English queen, it seems that half of the kingdom lies at your feet.
I am going to meet you.
And here we see a friend for the first time.
Thousands of thoughts swarm in my head, but not one of them at the moment deserves attention.
Meanwhile, the meeting took place.
I give you a bouquet of scarlet roses, we hug and our lips, whisper something, the excitement reached the highest heat and already hold back more forces, and we merge into a single kiss.
Our bodies tightly pressed against each other.
The excitement faded into the background, and it was the turn to enjoy each other.
After all, we have been waiting for this moment for so long, we methodically, day after day, hour by hour, approached this meeting.
From embraces and a passionate kiss, we began to dramatically increase excitement.
We reluctantly broke away from each other, and went into the cafe.
small, cozy, a bit homely.
The smell of fresh buns,

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fruit salads.
quiet music.
We sit a little away from most visitors.
In the “booth”.
This is a table, round with a long tablecloth.
You are opposite me.
Behind our backs there is a “screen” from a partition with lively greens that hide us from curious neighbors and do not attract attention to us from the general hall.
For a few minutes, we looked at each other, trying to find the features that we inspired in our correspondence.
For starters, we ordered a martini, I love it, it’s red wine.
it stands on a table in wide glasses on a graceful thin leg, almost transparent, slightly greenish liquid, slightly burning the throat.
in glasses of olives, impaled on skewers.
I look at you with my hungry eyes, they eat, they don’t even eat you, and my face is dear to me.
And so we are in a light alcoholic and love intoxication go to the second stage.
I make a toast.
and we kiss brotherhood.
Our lips are wet from champagne, pleasantly beckon each other, they touch lightly, my tongue gently penetrates your mouth, you immediately accept the rule of the game and draw it in entirely, there our tongues entwined in an erotic dance. Sexy booty webcam.

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