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I immediately began preparations.

I laid the table, made the bed with clean linen, put candles in the bedroom.
When they arrived, it was clear that they were already excited and there were no signs on his wife’s lips.
He introduced himself as V.
We went into the kitchen and drank a bottle of champagne.
I kissed my favorite slut and crushed her ass.
To which V reacted briskly speaking how pretty my girl was.
My wife flew off to Vana while whispering to me and B in her ear that she wants us both and for the time being we have to agree about everything.
We drank a beautiful girl and went to wait for her in the bedroom.
When she came in we were fascinated looking at the girl of our dreams with shaved cunt and completely naked.
She turned her back on us and parted her ass, posed our holes to us and said: They want two thick dicks to fuck them.
Then she came to us and began to take off our clothes while we stroked her ass and shaved cunt squeezed tits of the second size and said what a sweet davalochka she was.
My wife got on the bed crustaceans and said I want to suck.
I gave her a standing dick in her mouth and she smacked him and asked to bum her like a real fuck.
approached her from the side of the ass and began to lick her point and pussy.
She screamed and twirled her ass while swallowing my dick as far as possible.
Looking my wife in the eyes, I saw how good she was and she turns into a slutty bitch.
Then her lover inserted into the finished pussy and started to fuck her at a slow pace, pulling her on the butt.
She moaned and began to squeal.
We changed our position by putting our wife on our back and spreading our legs wider.

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I love to see her with her legs apart, a beautiful picture opens up.
The lover stood up at her head and she grabbed his cock with her mouth and sent it to suck, and I voshchel in her sweet fucking pussy and started pumping in an accelerated rhythm knowing how quickly to bring this bitch to orgasm.
After 5 minutes, she finished while sweetly smacked with a dick in her mouth.
We stopped letting our slut come to his senses.
My wife and I were in the pose 69, and B gave her the second dick in her mouth.
while I licked her pussy fucked and razrobatyvat ass, my wife sucked two dick then alternately, then just two.
Then she sat on top of her lover, and I smeared her ass with cream in her ass.
When I was all in her, she began podmahivat sitting down on our members and ask that we nakonchal in her fucking holes of sperm.
But we were not in a hurry and letting her finish my slut once more, put her on her back, pulled up her legs and in turn fucked the bitch in the ass, cumming her point.
I was the first and saw when B in my sperm slides in her ass and she moans under him podmahivaya his ass.
At the same time, I called her a slut and a hoesoska, and she confirmed everything I told her.
After we finished, we looked at her ass with our sperm flowing from there.
After drinking and resting, we continued fucking my wife’s insatiable.
Having fiddled with her in

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turns and letting her pump her, we decided to make a bitch obvodit her mouth and face.
She was beautiful all in semen.
She polished for another five minutes then our members smearing sperm in the face.
We fell asleep.
When I woke up, I saw my wife riding V.
she did not rise high and when I stroked my wife in the ass I realized that she was fucking in the ass.
I got up on the bed and put it in her mouth while grabbing my beloved slut by the hair and began to fuck her throat.
They finished it all together, I poured her throat, and B the gut of my slut.
Now, on the weekend, we will fuck my wife together with V.
He also calls her huyososkoy and davalka, to which she happily responds podstovlyaya his fucking little holes for our members.
To be continued.
From such her words, my dick directly exploded and I vigorously finished Natasha’s mom in a hot and slippery pussy.
At the same time I was shaking all over, and my heart was pounding like crazy.
When you masturbate, your heart is not pounding! I, all wet with sweat and barely alive from a tested orgasm, slid off Olga Viktorovna and lay back on a wide bed.
I noticed that Slavka was not in the bedroom. Top ten online sex games.

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