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And, finally, Andrew made up his mind and simply pushed aside this piece of matter and, with his fingers, touched live to one of the wonders of the world! Madelena abruptly sat on the bed! -Not! – I promised not to take off your pants.
Andrei continued to caress little Madeline.
Member was eager to fight.

Andrei felt that the girl was at the peak of excitement.
-Madlena, I found the answer to our question, he should just touch your girl – that’s what he wanted all evening (who would not know).
Only touches, and that’s it! Madelena wanted to say something, but Andrew skillfully closed her mouth with a kiss, gently with his left hand pushed back the strip of panties, lay down on his side and with his right hand began to slowly lead the member to the most intimate place.

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Here they are moments of happiness! So that would lead members on the girl’s sexual lips for the rest of their lives, Andrei thought.
She was already all wet, but it’s not so easy to deprive a girl, who really came across this, they will understand me.
But, according to Andrew, in this case, everything went easily, a long preparation can affect, maybe a girl’s physiological features, maybe an iron hour stand, by the way, this is also a very important point.
In any case, everything happened quickly, at one moment Andrew simply pressed harder and the boy was already there, Madeleine sharply arched, but did not particularly pull out.
At some point, she probably already realized that It had to happen today.
According to Andrew, sex itself did not deliver such pleasure to him, as everything that preceded it.

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Five minutes later, after the beginning of the act, he came out of there already covered in blood and began to shoot the seed.
yes yes on the white panties of our heroine.
She still kept her word given to her mother and did not take off her panties before the wedding)) They didn’t become a couple, after that they had sex once more, according to Andrew, I don’t know the details, and they don’t need anything.
As for Madeleine, after these events I had an interesting meeting with her, if I was not lazy, I would write about her in the third part.
Try not to judge strictly – this is my first story, brought to the end, the rest are all in outline!
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