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It’s good that you, at your age, have not forgotten how to dream, – Marina laughed, – Let’s go, girls! Go, and I, with your permission, still dream.
Raisa and I followed Marina.
The sauna was located in the basement of the house, and it really was luxurious.

Everything was thought out to the smallest detail: a relaxation room, and a table for massage, and a jacuzzi, and a shower, and a tub for rolling.
The steam room itself, where we went first thing, undressed and wrapped in sheets, was trimmed with wood and fragrant with intoxicating grass smell.
Marina first climbed to the top shelf and reclined with pleasure.
on the wall.
Oh, and why are we like nuns.
In the sheets.
Who are shy? And she first threw off the sheet, exposing a beautiful well-groomed body.
I, and then Raisa, followed suit.
I quickly became sore from the heat.
The body was filled with bliss.
I wanted to think about something pleasant, but, unfortunately, only the recent incident with Pavel climbed into my head.
From this, I again seized excitement.
Looking at the luxurious lush bust of Raisa and at Marina’s sturdy high breasts, I caught myself with shame that I wanted to immediately squeeze

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it all in my hands and put my lips to the protruding nipples of both.
Oh, well, how are the girls – the hostess gave voice, – I adore this sauna.
I don’t worry at all that I didn’t feel sorry for her money in due time.
Sauna is great, – said Raisa.
I was silent, absorbed in the internal struggle with my shameful desires.

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But Marina was not silent.
Paradise, in a good way I envy you.
You have such a gorgeous chest! How do you manage to hide it from everyone, I do not understand.
I see no reason to behave like others.
Nothing to show, but there climb! Decollete almost to the navel.
But you have something to show! May be.
But I have no desire to do this.
To drool at me let? And nothing but boobs in me have not seen? No, really.
Why not? If I am interesting to a man as a person, then he doesn’t care what my boobs are! Forgive for tactlessness.
Can a personal question? Anyway, ask.
Speak, I’m not touchy.
You are beautiful, smart.
You have a gorgeous body.
Why are you not married? Not offended by the question? Well no! I am already an adult girl to take offense at this.
That’s exactly why I said earlier.
If a person loves me, they will love my body.
But not the other way around.
I do not want to use me.
Besides, I’m generally opposed to marriage.
Yes? I do not see the point.
This is all self-deception.
How many couples I see are in most cases the same thing.
Love-carrot, then the wedding.
A year or two passes, the feelings calm down and what do we see? It is worth her husband to leave, the wife is already in the arms of another (while she quickly, but expressively looked at me), and vice versa.
I realized that the silhouette in the door was not a hallucination, and flashed with shame.
Fortunately, I was already steaming, so no one could notice.
And what’s wrong with the adventure on the side? It has nothing to do with treason.
Because cheating – in the head, not at the tip of the penis! Well, my husband started an affair, cheered up.
What is wrong with that if he returns to his wife anyway.
So you want to say that you would calmly react if I knew that Sergei was going to the left? If I see that there is just sex, without deep feelings, then calmly.
And I will see it.
Any woman will see.
So, Tom? This is yes.
Here you can not fool us.
I confess to you.
I, too, not sinless.
But I love my husband more than life! And never betray him.
If I don’t fall in love, of course, ”she laughed,“ but even then I won’t betray. Bigo live sex malaysia.

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