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Having brought with her something yellow in one hand and ice in the form of stars in the other, she stuffed two in the vagina to her friend, and put the third on the clitoris.
Irene started: it was unexpectedly cold, almost unpleasant, and she somehow unnaturally laughed, trying to get the stars with her hands.
ru) In response, Dina threw off her hands, and Irene started a second time, and then almost immediately – the third, and again, and more: Dina clung to her on a flushed wet sponge clothespins.

Dental wounded skin, Irene was nervous, in the meantime her crotch was opened with clothespins and visible in the smallest details.
She was cold down there.
The ice partially extinguished the pain, and Dina continued to lick her thighs, but her excitement disappeared instantly and returned very slowly.
The ice melted, and the clothespins hurt delicate skin more and more.
Plus, Dinah set out to attach two to her nipples.
– Do not!.
– croaked Irene, licking her dry lips.
– Do not!.
– Well, maybe.
– Dina mumbled dreamily and again went down to her friend between her legs.
She took her teeth with a piece of ice from the clitoris and slightly moved them along the crotch.
From touching with clothespins Iren bit her lip, but was silent.
She was ready to indulge in such whims.
Meanwhile, Dina made her eat that piece of ice that had just caressed her between her legs.
Irene felt the pungent smell of vanilla cream and the faint taste of her juices.

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Ice came in by the way; thirst is almost gone.
While Dina was thinking about some kind of package, Irene sat down and sipped wine, and at the same time assessed the scale of the disaster: colored sex toys were spread everywhere, the bed was full of cream and the crotch was in pain.
Dina gently put her back on her back and smiled: – Now will be fine.
She took out a candle and spread it with massage cream.
At first, Irene did not even feel anything: her vagina was opened and the candle slipped unnoticed.
The second and the third came along well: the excitement was rolling, and Irene herself was already spreading her legs wider.
The fourth and fifth candles did not fit too tight, but noticeable; the sixth, though heavily oiled, passed slowly; on the seventh, Irene felt the walls of her vagina stiffen awkwardly and filled with more blood.
Clothespins began to interfere and hurt.
Dina did not stop for a second; the eighth candle went under the protests of a friend; it hurt, but then Dina started slowly pulling out three candles and shoving them back.
Irene groaned a little.
Her crotch did not know peace: five candles constantly stuck inside, and three Dina slowly fucked her, at the same time feeling that sweet tremor from which the body became cold, and dried out in her throat.
Throwing out the candles, she took a glass of wine, drank herself and gave her friend.
They kissed;

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Irene started shaking her hips with impatience.
Kiss started her; the pain is almost not felt.
Only the warmth of Dina’s lips and the rising hell are down there, a rapidly burning flame of lust.
Irene groaned and tried to reach the clitoris with her hand, but there was practically no strength.
Dina firmly pressed her to the bed, tightly holding the whole armful of candles, all those trying to slip.
Then Dina sank down and smeared another candle with cream.
Irene understood that there was no point in resisting; the light practically came together for her where her vagina was strained to the limit.
Candle bit barely; Irene spread her legs wide as she could, but there was no room left. Bongacams hack.

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