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Cam sex tv. Dear fans! After this story, I go on holiday from creativity – it’s time to surrender to work.

There is such a custom in our area: on the second or third day of the wedding, the kicked guests dress up as a bride and groom, and the joke is that the bride puts on some of the guys, and the girl more often goes with the songs along the street to drive the goat “.
So at one wedding I had to be on the second day in the role of “bride”.

In the neighbor’s house, women dressed me up, put on a white dress almost like a wedding dress, a wig with a veil – everything is as it should be.
Brightly painted face, from the heart of what is called: cosmetics did not spare.
Glancing in the mirror, I was a little ofigel.
“Well, fucking mug!” – it occurred to me.
However, I felt an increasing excitement.
But with an effort of will, shaking off my head and drinking 100 grams for courage, I set off with the titted “bride” on the road.
The mood was shebtnoe and I playfully shamelessly paw the disguised girl, for which more than once I secretly received backslash from her.
In general, we resembled and judged the glory! Some people are so “tired” that they were brought stacked in a pile in a wheelbarrow to the place of the original party.
It turned out a small pause and the people scattered who where, and the mummers went to change clothes.
I and a few other guys, dressed in sweatshirts, in shawls and skirts long to five, dressed in a separate house.
– And we still did not steal the bride, and it is necessary.
– Now and practice. Cam sex tv.

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