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Tuesday is the same.
““ Exactly, it’s Tuesday, ”Lily repeated thoughtfully.
There were notes of confusion and overtones of tension in her voice.

She did not leave, frozen in the doorway, like her own portrait in a shabby frame.
She was clearly retained not by my natural appearance, since she had seen and felt me ??in the immediate vicinity (I had already penetrated into her to a depth of six inches given by nature).
There was something else.
– – There is nobody there? – – Lily asked, nodding at the passage to the shower stalls.
– – Not.
Then she quickly entered, slid the latch on the door, for faithfulness she pulled the handle, and then hastily marched into the washing section.
For a few seconds I tried to guess the motive of her behavior, but, convinced of the futility of this undertaking, I followed Lily.
And he saw a curious picture.
Standing on all fours, Lily carefully examined the drain grid.
The captivating bulges in the back of her figure were the pinnacle of the entire pictorial composition.
– – Wow! – – I was puzzled.
– – What are you, for the position of plumber.
That is, plumbing signed up? Did you decide to work? – – Do you understand, Roma? – Lily explained in a very serious tone without raising her eyes, – yesterday I dropped my own.
your pendant
Perhaps here.
She did not catch the obvious irony of my question.
Not at all caught.
Although to any kind of teasing above themselves is usually very sensitive.
So it really was important for her.
– – Probably, dear thing? – – Gilded.
“These women are strange creatures! – – I wanted to say, but he restrained himself in time and only silently thought.
– – Wash themselves in gold jewelry.
Is separation from bling even half an hour unbearable for them? ”Lily’s pose was too expressive.
She ruled out any possibility of leaving me an impartial observer.
Through the tightly stretched fabric of the dressing gown, rounded halves emerged in relief, which irresistibly attracted my view.

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They pulled, as if these halves were two poles of a powerful magnet.
It seemed that they are asking for the will.
I wrapped the robe on Lilina’s back and felt a new surge of enthusiasm.
My front parameters have increased to the maximum.
Still, whatever they say, the main erotic weapon for women is not the eyes.
Lifting Lily from her knees, I hugged her and began to cover her face, neck and shoulders with solid kisses.
She did not resist the aggression of my caresses.
Only in a reflective way, as if suddenly it was cold, she covered her chest with her arms crossed when I took off her robe.
Then I gently pushed Lily to the booth where the water was rustling, breaking out of the steel sprinkler and crushing into the smallest particles on the concrete floor.
Warm sharp streams covered us headlong.
I superficially ran my hands over the curves and depressions of her body, as if making sure everything was in place.
And then, supporting Lily, he offered her to rest her back on one wall of the booth, and her heels – on the opposite.
He himself, without taking off his hands (which carried a part of the load on him) from her rear hemispheres, turned out to be between spread legs.
And the exact hit attacked the cherished goal.

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Lily hovered above the floor and, perhaps, would have imagined herself to be a floating bird if it were not for the specific feeling of being impaled on an inflexible base.
The indifferent jets, vyzhurchevyvayas from above, filled her open mouth with water and flowed down in a continuous stream – on tanned shoulders, on a pale, resiliently trembling chest, on a neat dark-haired haircut under the abdomen.
At the final phase of the process, a shower knocked on the shower door.
After a short pause, the knocks repeated, becoming longer and more impatient.
I slightly accelerated the pace, trying to get into the beat of annoying rhythms of knocking.
The last push was so frenzied that Lily let out a pitiful moan and slammed her mouth.
At the same time a fountain of hot water splashed into my face.
Something similar happened and lower – – but from me.
And accompanied by a rainbow-intolerable pleasantness.
After a few seconds I went limp, we got out from under the water eruption and hastily began to give ourselves the appearance of decency.
Finally, the latch, reeling under a hail of ram attacks, was clicked off.
On the threshold, a strange subject turned red from indignation.
In our hostel, he just did not live.
But once I saw this physiomorphia somewhere, these black whiskers, dimpled into two independent parts under the nose (and in the dimple the vegetation did not fundamentally bush out). Free jasmin live cam.

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