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After they both finished, Slavik said that she still had a long time and it was time for us to go, and Slava and I went to another room.
As soon as we entered and the door slammed, he sharply turned and gave me a breath, from which I fell before him on my knees.
Without long thinking, Slavik took out his penis and shoved it into my mouth, from which I even choked, but I liked it and I began to suck.

I felt his cock grow in my mouth by so much that it could barely fit.
I swallowed and swallowed, and Slavik just groaned and directed my head.
He abruptly, without any warning, lifted me up, turned me around and with all his strength drove his dick up my ass.
I even got a tear from the buzz.
He gouged and gouged, sharper and sharper, driving his penis to its fullest length.
even managed to lean on me in the back and pry me a member.
From a few minutes of cheering with a dick in the ass, I cum a torrent.
SUCH I HAVE NEVER BAD !!! Glory probably beat me for about thirty minutes, Then he finished right in me.
After enjoying my ass, he left me.
I washed and decided to go downstairs to see where my wife was.
When I saw, I immediately gasped – she was lying on the table with 2 more girls, and around them was 15 people and everyone did what they wanted with them: one was fucking, the other she was doing blowjob.
But then they became bored, apparently it lasted about an hour, while I was being crushed with cancer in another room.
They decided to make a “sandwich”.
Three men lay on the table above, the girls lay back down and legs apart, and in front of each of the men entered the vagina.

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And let’s hammer !!! The girls wriggled from the pain and pleasure of male members penetrating both holes.
It lasted until the morning.
The next morning, everyone was already full of Light and began to slowly roll up to me, checking whether I agree or not.
But to mine it was absolutely indifferent to my opinion, because after five minutes they just took a penalty and put it on the table, belly down, and next to just the Light.
After one of the guests suggest to argue who will finish faster.
and the game has begun.
One of the guests was hammering me, and the other was Sveta.
Thus, we were finished ten times each.
But the weekend was over and everyone had to slowly round out with a sense of complete satisfaction.
Vyacheslav recorded our phones and said that it would be necessary to repeat with joy at our home.
But Sveta and I returned to this dacha more than once.
And although I was mentally prepared for the betrayal of my wife, how many things had changed my mind during this time, but when I stood at the gates of the garages and listened to my wife’s muffled moans, the last meager doubts were thrown away.
Yes, my Dasha, goes, as they say, to the left.
At this moment, when I finally realized it, I felt so bad.
I don’t remember how much

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I stood at this garage, how I got home later, everything was in a daze.
What to do? I did not know.
Much to come to mind.
Stuff her face? Not that upbringing, this idea, I immediately cast aside.
Although it might be necessary.
Fill face Sergei? There was a slightly different situation – different weight categories, I, as they say, nothing shone.
Even though I was taller than he was, but otherwise I was inferior in all respects.
It remained only to leave.
I was going to do this several times, but as soon as it came to specific steps – assembling things, my determination disappeared, and this was the end of it.
Maybe I and a rag, but I did not have the strength to take this last step.
And when I realized that I couldn’t change anything in this situation, for a while I fell into complete apathy towards everything.
I could lie on the couch for hours and watch TV, and think about the situation.
I did not find solutions there.
Life went on as usual, nothing changed.
Dasha also sometimes lingered, sometimes she came slightly drunk. Gay adult cam chat.

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