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He literally tore me from Slavik, threw me on the sofa, leaned on top and began to powerfully hammer.
Finally, he noisily let me down and fell off to the side: “What a wonderful whore! Just a holiday! ”Seryozha habitually ordered Slavik:“ Why are you stuck? ” Forward! Slavik, of course, knew what was wanted of him.
Accelerated by someone’s kick, he jumped towards me and began to lick my crotch, and the guys stood around me and began to finish abundantly on my face and on the boobs.

Zaur looked at it with curiosity.
Maybe for the first time, he saw a guy sucking the sperm of another man from his own girl’s freshly fucked hole? Then Slavik had to pick up everything that drained through my brand new boobs.

The next day, Sergey came to us and said in a serious tone: – Nadya, you are a great fellow.
Zaur thanked me for this evening for a very long time and he had a business proposal for me: he wants me to sell you to him for two weeks.
Tomorrow he is going back to the Caucasus and wants to give you to his brothers.

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I was taken aback.
Will my friends and relatives of Zaur be fighting hard for me all day? I saw a real horror on the face of Slavik.
– I gave you new tits, and now I want you to turn into a complete fuck in these two weeks.
I have big plans for you.
Moreover, Zaur offered you very good money – added Sergey, smiling slyly.
In my eyes, a fucking light came on.
– Seryozha, can I take Slavik with me? – I stretched.
– Why? Not a bad thought.
You will serve 30 people a day, so your fucking son will have sooo much work !!! – Sergey laughed.
“Get ready,” he added, “tomorrow Zaur will take you away.”
I got up early in the morning, I went to the bathroom and began to prepare for the trip.
I filled the bathroom, started to stroke my long legs, and removed the extra hair from my pussy.
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