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Lena was already on the verge of and the fourth blow could be fatal for her.
I held my hand up and ran my fingers over the newly backed and ass.
The skin under my arm was dry and hot.

Lena twitched again, trying to free herself.
In the meantime, my fingers examined her delightful womb and the object of my particular weakness — a small star-shaped anus ring.

My dick, already stony, pulsed in a frantic rhythm when I felt how tight and undeveloped her “back door” was.
For all her experience, Larisa could not provide such resistance to the muscles of the anus, like this frightened girl – two tightly squeezed fingers hardly penetrated her anus, and I felt how, warmly trembling, warm walls closed around them.
I shook my head, driving away the devil’s obsession.
Lena was in my full power, but I still realized that it was quite possible to answer for the rape that occurred before the law.
For torture, however, too, but this still needs to be proved.
But for this conscience will not torment me.
But Larisa, I swore never to change without her knowledge, and the oath must be kept.

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And the copy still got me what I needed.
I moved my fingers in the opposite direction, but then re-entered them to their full length.
Lena was obviously in pain, but not in the same way as when whipping a belt.
Clenching her teeth, she looked at one point straight ahead.
Stitching in its warm depths, I snatched a few moans from her throat.
I had to release a member from my pants – he was so eager for freedom that he started to get sick.
“Well, let’s continue,” I said in an ominous tone, intercepting it in my left hand, and the belt in my right hand.
Lena, resigned to her unenviable fate, no longer begged for mercy.
I again began to whip the belt of her defenseless ass, trying not to overdo it.
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