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You dug your hands into the ground, in the unconsciousness of passion, plucked bunches of blades of grass.
And I worked hard on you like a plant for the production of passionate pleasure, working exclusively for you.
You wrapped your arms around me and made me understand that I fell on my back.

Without breaking or interrupting our actions, we turned over.
I wrapped my arms around you, you leaned on your knees and kissed me.
I raised my buttocks, my cock moved like a jackhammer, entering as deep as possible.
In order not to scream, you bit your lips, but you didn’t moan, emitting only deep squeezed exhalations.
At the height of your passion, you bit your lip.
You began to kiss me, dropping down from the neck.
Raised her ass and I walked out of you.
You went down to my dick, took it in your hand, looked at it, not me, and then put it in a wet mouth.
Dimensionally dropping from the head to the base.
Then, as if someone had twitched the gearshift lever on a sports car and immediately jumped to fourth speed, you became frenzied quickly to process the head before I finished.
For a while we just lay on the grass, under the summer sun, I stroked your hair, and then looked into my eyes and sometimes kissed my cheek.
“It’s afternoon tea, it’s time for us to come back,” you said.
“I did not wait for this day for nothing” I replied smiling.
You put on your robe, fastened all the buttons, and I put on my pajamas.
Walking, as if nothing had happened, we moved to the hospital building.
And only the janitor was perplexed that in the morning he found torn silk panties hanging from a branch of a hedge.

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Until the night we were the happiest people in this hospital, even among the positive schizo, our smiles were noticeably brighter.
Two weeks later I was discharged.
Luxurious Jaguar was waiting for me at the porch.
I threw my things in the trunk, and put the most valuable cargo on the seat, you.
We were speeding away from these walls.
They gave us each other, but I never wanted to see them again.
I put your hand on your hip, held under the skirt, there were no panties.
() I grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and with the other with my fingertip into your clitoris.
Combinations of excitement from speed and excitement from me, took the head off.
You straightened my arm and leaned over my pants, unzipped my fly and pulled out my agitated organ.
Blowjob at speed, in complete freedom, what could be better.
So we rushed over the horizon, in a new day, in a new life, excited and loving, a little crazy.
I woke up, morning risers bursting at me.
I wanted to smoke.
A hand lay on me, I turned my head, saw a woman’s face and tried to get up, trying not to wake me up.
– Are you woke up? – asked a sleepy female voice.
– Yes – I walked around the room, took out a cigarette, lit a cigarette and stood in front of a large window in full growth, on the second floor of my house.
– What did you dream? Asked a soft, sugary gentle voice.
“That I was crazy, but the love of one girl saved me and healed me.”
I watched a neighbor in short jeans shorts hanging out wet clothes

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after washing.
– And this girl was beautiful? – Very, better, I have never seen.
And she loved as no one loved.
– This girl was me? Yes? This I saved you with my love – a voice on the bed playfully asked.
– Not.
It was our neighbor.
“I’m very cold,” Voronitsa whispered, barely moving her lips from weakness.
Eliya covered her with a blanket.
He lay with her near about 30 minutes.
Until she fully recovered – Tell me honestly, was it good for you? asked Elijah, looking into her eyes.
– Why, oh why? I didn’t want this, – tears came to the eyes of Voronitsy again.
“No, I did,” he objected.
– If you didn’t want, you would just get excited, there would be no such pleasure.
You just still did not realize what you want.
He unfastened it.
Then he got up and got dressed.
– Dinner will be served in half an hour. Sex pornuha online.

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