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Then I told a few stories from my life: how we traveled by train to the dacha, how I posed at art school, how I did swimming, preparing for the history Olympiad.
While I was talking, Jane strenuously dicked Dick’s cock, but at the request of Julia did not let him stop.
Julia quietly asked her about it.

She probably had some idea.
Lack of orgasm worried Dick, but not enough to interrupt my story.
He really wanted to experience it all.
When I finished my last story, Julia began to implement her idea.
She and Jane put Dick on his back, Jane was jerking off to him, and Yulia, with a good finger, put Dick in his ass and started massaging his prostate.
From the novelty of sensations Dick finished instantly and very violently.
He like it very much.
We lay down to sleep on the beach in tents, the boys were naked, the girls were dressed, the pussies were in their hands.
I’m with Jane, Dick with Julia.
Before going to bed, there was a jerk: I jerked myself on Jane’s legs, Julia jerked off Dick and slammed his finger in the ass.
After the orgasm, I licked the girl’s legs from the sperm, and Dick licked Julia’s hand from his sperm and sucked a finger removed from his priests.
At night I had a dream about my kindergarten.
I clearly saw the whole group and the teacher and the nurse.
I even remember who is called.
It is winter in the yard.
We are led to the streets with cold water.
We stand barefoot in the snow.
All the girls in bathing suits are all naked boys.
We quickly pour water over ourselves and run to the room to get dressed. Sexy cam babes.

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