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Kissing Nata on the lips, I strongly and gently pressed the pelvis.
The resistance lasted a split second, and my handsome failed further.
My sister’s eyes widened, and my lips swallowed her cry, but after a second her eyes closed again in sweet bliss, and I slowly began to move inside Natkin’s pussy.

A minute later, she hugged me and began to help me, pushing him deeper inside.
And here I already hollowed her pussy in full force.
“Come on Kiryusha, don’t stop, deeper, deeper,” groaned Nat.
I could not hold my seed in me for a long time and, pulling a member out of the vagina, plentifully finished my sister on the belly.
There was no limit to her disappointment, she wanted me to pour into her.
– Natasha, I can’t cum in you, you know how this can end.
“I know, but I still wanted to see you erupt inside, without leaving me.”
– It’s all nature.
She is trying to deceive us.
Come on and we will then deceive nature, tomorrow I will buy condoms and we will fuck to the end.
“Good, Cyrus.”
And how did you like that I took it

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in my mouth? – You are good, but you will need to work on the technique.
Come rinse and you can continue, Natka jumped joyfully and jumped into the bathroom, and then I saw what I should have seen, there were drops of blood on the sheet.
Damn, how did I lose sight of it.

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Having grabbed a pile of bed linen, I followed the girl.
She was already standing under the shower and enjoying under the hot water streams, it was clear that she liked what had happened and, judging by her mood, it was not enough.
I pushed the laundry into the washer, launched it, and I climbed into the bath to Nate.
First of all, I examined her pussy, there was no blood and it was pleasing.
– How do you feel? – I asked.
– Does not hurt? – No, it does not hurt anymore, and in general it almost did not hurt.
Cyrus wash me.
I soaped a washcloth and began rubbing my sister’s back.
She leaned on the wall with her hands and bulged her ass.
I began to wash him too, spreading her priests halves from time to time to get a better look.
Natasha, in contrast to Nastya, was already completely formed, the anus was dark in color, in wrinkles and overgrown with dark hair, the same that covered her pussy.
She was big enough and compared to Nastina just huge.
It seemed to me that even such a hand could be thrust into it.
As I watched, my cock filled with power and began to poke at Nata’s hips.
I took it in my hand and began to play, holding up and down along her pussy.
The girl immediately pushed her pelvis, helping me.
Having played enough, I put my rod to her cave and drove it inside.
Natasha immediately leaned back, more implanting herself on the trunk.
I did not even understand who was fucking whom, and she and I were forcefully moving towards each other.
My balls loudly slammed on her clit, it was hard sex.
We fucked like animals, Nat flowed and growled like a bitch, it turned me on more and more, my dick became like a steel bar.
A couple of minutes later my sister screamed at the top of her voice, startling me.
This is exactly what I did not expect.
I lost my rhythm and lost pace.
Natasha pulled away from me and dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around her cock. Sex and the city watch online season 1 episode 1.

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