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Well, I think, Irishka is more active in this issue and knows better how to move from words to deeds, therefore I give her a springboard for action: I will go in the shower, and then I will soon go to sleep.
Go, go, – my dear chirping in an angelic voice, – You can take some time, we are here while we chat with Lyokha.
(grumbles something unintelligible, blushing face) I turn on the shower, conscientiously wash myself, and try to hear at least something from the kitchen, but do you hear it – damn shower !;) In order not to scare a friend off (and I sooooo hope that I just so they do not sit there), leaving the water turned on, I wipe off and, wrapped in a towel, I leave the

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but there is nothing in the kitchen.
Towel years on the floor, and I, stroking my dick, sit on the edge of the bed to better see what is happening.
A little watching how the tongue of my friend slides on the pussy of my beloved, merge with her in a long and passionate kiss, interrupted by her moans.
I go down to her chest, lick her nipples, making her moan harder.
I move to my friend, and we start to caress her in two tongues.
Naturally, we also touch each other, and, quite logical, I press my lips to his.
I cling to him with my whole body, I feel his member stiffened by excitement.

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Feel the taste of Irishka on his lips.
I take his dick in my hand and start moving her back and forth, feeling how he hardens even more under my caresses.
Ira wetted his finger, leads them between the genital sponges, watching us.
And there is something to look at: having played enough with Lekhin a subject of pride with my hand, I go down and clasp it with my lips.
I love to suck guys when my woman is around, when she sees how depraved her man can be.
And after joins me.
She lies down next to me and I, for some time, forgetting about the member, cling to her lips.
Sometimes one of us takes it again in the mouth, while the other does not take over the baton.
Sometimes, I especially like it, he inserts the penis between our lips, when we kiss, the two of us lick his trunk, his head, go down to the testicles.
Having thrown Lyosha on his back, we spread his legs and put a pillow under his ass.
It seems that he does not understand what will happen now, but having fully trusted us, he does not resist.
I swallow his dick again, pushing my mouth on it as deep as I can.
Ira at this time, having caressed the testicles of our lover, goes down below.
By the way his cock has stiffened and by loud intermittent moans, I understand that my girl is now caressing Lyshin’s ass with tongue.
She leads around, inserts a tongue inside, forcing Lyosha to move my pelvis to meet me, trying to insert me even deeper.
Having ceased to suck Lyoshe, I move to my wife, who is standing with cancer, and insert the dick into her wet pussy.
For a while, she ceases to caress my friend, but then with a doubled enthusiasm she starts to put her mouth on his penis.
Having fucked her for a while I come out of it.
A little pushing her to Lesha, let me know what I expect from her.
My clever understands everything without words and sit on top of the dick standing by the stake. Sex free games online.

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