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I again remembered the men’s views.


You are super! “- Pasha whispered delightedly -” Are you alone in the office? “” Yes “- I was a little tense, waiting for the continuation.
“And I want you to go out to the people” – his voice was excited – “Well, pretend that there is something for work”.
Good, ”I answered uncertainly.
“Fine! Only one condition – pull the skirt as high as possible. ”
“Yes, where it is already higher! Pasha! ”- I sincerely indignant -“ I can see the sex of my ass already.
! “” I said above Whore! “- Pasha cut me off with an authoritative tone -” Pull it out! “I got up from the table and pulled my skirt up.
Even looking at myself from above, I perfectly saw how stockings with garters appeared from under the hem and even the lace of underpants got out on display.
I can not walk at work Pasha.
“- I said, realizing that all my persuasions will not give anything.
“Can you Slut!” He answered loudly, “I want it so much! Come out of the office! ”With a sigh, I walked to the door and opened it with a sinking heart.
I went.
– I breathed into the phone and resolutely stepped into the hall.
“I’ll call you back later,” said Pasha and turned off the phone.

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“Well, as always.
“- I thought -” Left one. ”
Opposite the office, near the racks of operators, there were people.
They immediately stared at me.
Everything inside me shrank.
Looking down, I walked across the room to the box office.
Along the wall, on the sofas, waiting for their turn, there were people too, and all as one stared at me.
I walked along the box office, pretending to be looking for a free booth.
There were queues near the booths.
Burning with shame, I went through to the end and, naturally, not finding a free booth, turned back.
Trying not to pay attention to the giggles and the views of others, I again went through the whole hall to my office.
The girls operators stared at me because of their racks opening their mouths.
Entering the office, I flopped with relief into a chair and took a breath.
I tried to focus on work.
After a while, the office phone rang.
“Olga Vladimirovna” – I heard the voice of the secretary of the bank manager – “Please go to the chief”.
“Right now?” Everything inside sank again.
“Yes, right now,” the secretary answered and hung up.
I got up, pulled out my little skirt as much as possible and with a sinking decisively left the office.
Passed through the hall to the service door and entered the corridor.
Walking quickly through the service corridor, I lowered my head and greeted the colleagues on the way without raising my eyes.
Constantly pulling my skirt up, I reached the reception manager.
The secretary saw me, was at first taken aback, then grinned disgustingly.
“Come in, Olga Vladimirovna,” she said in the same disgusting way, continuing to grin, “You are already expected.”
I again tried to pull the skirt as low as

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