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I was mesmerized watching Linda.
Then Joyce turned the seat so she was facing Pam and Linda, hiked her skirt, spread her legs and told me in a loud voice to play with her cunt.
She leaned back and really spread wide, her oversized cunt lips glistening with juice and her her thumb sized clit swollen and red.

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Pam’s eyes were riveted to Joyce’s cunt.
I used the fingers of one hand to pull Joyce’s cunt lips up and apart, forcing her clit to stick out.
With the other hand I grabbed a nipple and pinched and twisted, eliciting a moan. Namith in bikini.
All the while I watched as Linda’s fingers disappeared under the edge of Pam’s panties.
I lowered my head and sucked Joyce’s clit.

When I lifted my head, Pam was leaned back with her eyes closed, her legs open and relaxed. Art art because date datings first marriable not scienceits series.
To slow down a little and to let Pam relax a little more, we had another shot and fired up another joint.
I sat on a stool and let Linda pull out my cock.
After stroking it a little she said she wanted to try something, hopping down and disappearing into another room. Nude black dancing.

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