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Tom stood, rubbing his dick against my cunt.
I opened my legs a little wider, giving him the nudge to enter me.
His old cock slid in easily.
He grabbed my thighs and started to fuck me – no technique, just hard, fast fucking. Delta white gangbang.
My tits bounced with each thrust, Colin’s cock forcing its way down my throat with each inward thrust from Tom.
His fingers found my clit again and he rubbed it hard as he pounded into me, his hips bucked as he shot his sticky load deep in me, his gutteral moaning filling the saloon. Teen naked virjin crying.
I came hard on Tom’s cock, my cries muffled by Colin’s dick.

Tom looked up, a huge grin on his face.
“Tight cunt,” he said, approvingly.
Colin said, “I want to fuck her.
” “Swap ends,” I told them.
Colin took his place between my legs, the head of his cock pressed against my vulva, Tom’s cum lubricating my cunt. Lisa rinna today show upskirt.
This was going to hurt, I thought.
Tom stood by my face, and I wanked him slowly before pulling him into my mouth, closing my lips around him and tasting his cum and my juices.
His cock began to recover surprisingly fast. Vaginal stimulation for urgency.
Colin was taking his time, holding my cunt lips open and pushing into me, half an inch at a time.

I’d never felt so stretched.
I looked down, thinking my poor cunt would take ages to shrink back to size. Amateur planetary science engineering.
Tom turned my face to the side and gripped my head as he pumped into my mouth.
I thought I’d tear open when Colin pushed the last inch inside me.
Fuck, it felt good.
I’d never been one to go for well-endowed men, and this could put me off for life, but once it was in I wasn’t complaining. Artemiswild mobile live cam no sign up no register free.

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