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I hung up the clothes, made the bed, put all the bondage gear back in the bottom drawer, and straightened up my makeup table.
Then I thoroughly scrubbed all the toys and set them on a towel to dry.
Quickly, I gave the harness and ball gag a good going over with a hot soapy washcloth and set them out to dry as well. Erotic story mother in law.
After a quick inspection, I found everything satisfactory.
My timing was good, and I heard Carol come in the front door.
I returned to the living room and informed Carol that I was done.
“Splendid, you may have another cup of coffee, and then I’ll do your makeup because you suck at it!.
” “Yes, Mistress.
” I gulped down the coffee, and then Carol led me to the dressing room and seated me in my chair. Joyfan sxey videos chat.
As Carol began doing my makeup, she said.
“I have a perfectly delightful day planned for us.

Well, delightful for me.
You, not so much, I imagine.
” Carol was a wizard with makeup, and in no time, she had me looking better than I ever have. Nude women from romania.
Carol chose the short, brunette wig for me, and put it on me, and gave it a light combing.
Then she found some nice dangly earrings and a matching necklace.
With the addition of some bracelets, I was ready for my dress. Mainstream porn movies.
Carol had me stand up, and she held up different dresses until she settled on one.
After removing my robe, she spun me around and helped me slip into the dress, pulled it up and zipped up the back.
The dress was my red with white polka dot skater dress, which had cap sleeves snug in all the right places and flared out at just above the knee. Updating nokia maps.
I felt so feminine and sexy, I could hardly stand it.
“Turn around for me.
” I did as I was instructed, and could see she was pleased with her choice.
“Now then don’t you look good enough to eat?

Bring me your purse.
” I did so.
“A girl should never leave the house without her makeup.
” My heart froze. Jhon abraham fuck nude.
Leave the house? “Get your credit cards, sweetie, you’re going to need them! Oh yeah, one more thing, I noticed a collar and leash in your bondage drawer.
Get them for me.
” She was at it again.
My heart was pounding as I was leashed up and led out of the house. Young amature free pantyhose.
Going out “En Femme” was something I rarely did.
She opened the passenger door and told me to get in.
Then the bitch tied the leash behind me to my seat headrest.
There was nowhere my head could go, there would be no ducking down.
“Mistress, may I ask where we are going?” “What’s the most favorite thing girls like to do most?” she thought for a second.
“Ok, the second most favorite thing they like to do?” I thought for a second and then it hit me, I began trembling.

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Stammering, I said, “Mistress I.
I don’t know.
I don’t know about.
” “What, going shopping? Well, buck up, sweetie, you are going.
” “Yes, mistress,” Was all I could muster.
As we drove, Carol revealed her plan. First time boys gay.
We would begin at the big mall on the other end of the city.
Thank god it was a big city, so the chances of being recognized were minimal.
Carol figured I had never done anything like this before, and she could hardly sit still and drive with all her excitement. Brook888 guys on cam.
Carol was going to milk this day for all she could.
“You need a new outfit, baby, and that’s just what we’re going to get you.

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