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Marian just batted her eyelashes and said, “I thought that we should take care of that hair trigger cock before it went off all by itself.
Now we can get down to some serious fucking.
” Thomas pulled Marian into his arms and pressed his chest against hers. Gow3 dude seeking gow3 gals.
Oh how he loved to feel a woman’s nipples against his hairy chest.
He then leaned down and kissed her, tasting his salty cum on her tongue.
His spent cock began to stir once more.
He instructed Marian to lie down. Real woman my area.
He then began kissing her, starting with her sweet lips and working his way down.
As his hands cupped her breasts, his lips teased her hard nipple, one, and then the other.
Then he left a wet trail of kisses down to her hot pussy. Dating webkatalog com.
His fingers moved through the silky red curls and slid beneath her puffy labia to her swollen clit.
He barely had made contact with her love button when Marian began to shudder and moan.
With his other hand he slid two fingers deep inside her pussy hole and begin finger-fucking her as his mouth replaced his fingers and begin to suck her clit.

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Marian began to shake uncontrollably, raised her hips clean off the bed, and squealed, “Oooooh, I am cumming!” Her reaction was so strong she thought she might pass out.
When her shaking stopped and she slumped back on to the bed Thomas said, “Now who has the hair trigger?” Marian then said, “Oh baby, I haven’t cum like that in a very long time. Angelgirl777 www fuckchat com.
I love the way you tripped my trigger.
” Thomas moved and laid on the king sized bed next to Marian, letting her body spoon with his.
Still unable to believe his own eyes that he had actually found this sexy angel. Sex adult mature hanger boobs movies.
He buried his face in her neck and began kissing her.
Marian turned and put her arms around his head and pulled Thomas into her.
She watched as he buried his face in her soft breasts.
He then took her nipple into his mouth and began suckling as if he were a baby.

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She closed her eyes and uttered, “Oh Thomas, I love a titty-man!” Using both of his hands, her pulled both breasts together, and then started sucking on her swollen nipples.
All this action had Thomas’s cock ready for action again. Free deep throat girls porn samples.
He wanted to slide his cock deep in her hot box.
He stopped tantalizing her nipples and said, “Let’s fuck baby.
” Marian looked at Thomas and said, “I thought you’d never ask.
Now lay on your back honey.
” She then moved her upper thighs atop of his hips straddling his hard cock. Chatrandom mature woman.
She reaching down, she guided his cock into her wanting pussy, rocking back and forth.
As she moved forward, her breasts were brushing his lips, and he took the opportunity to suck her right nipple.

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