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The music is calmer than what Maria played before.
I didn’t think I could imagine slower yoga music, but it feels like the same music but slowed down by a factor of ten or a hundred.
Each note lingers for a supernatural amount of time in the air. Punk rock girl porn gif.
Everything slows down: my breathing, Sandra’s breathing.
I find myself staring at her chest rising and falling slowly.
Slower than slowly.
Longer than ten seconds or eight seconds.
She barely moves, and when she does, her chest rises glacially slow. Rext story mature.
Both Maria and Sandra close their eyes.
I hear Sandra start to talk, to narrate like yoga teachers do, but the words are too slow.
Everything is too slow.
I sink to my knees.
I can’t walk and think at the same time. Married women for sex richardton north dakota.
I can’t even stand and think at the same time.
The thoughts are heavy, too heavy to multitask.
I have to think.
Everything comes down to thinking.
I have to figure out a way to beat Maria.
I have to enslave Sandra.

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I have to slave.
I slave.
Each thought is slavery.
If I don’t slave, I won’t get out of this.
It all depends on my slaving.
Maria can’t win.
Maria looks at me and smiles.
I think she smiles.
I think I’m dreaming. Women want casual sex in gresham.
She rises and takes my hand.
She drags me or I crawl or walk or somehow get next to Sandra.
Maria is talking to us.
She tells us to breathe.
“Breathe,” says someone.
She tells us to open ourselves.
“Open yourself,” says someone. Asian or latina pussy desired.
She tells us to yield.
“Yield,” says someone.
“Ease into the pose,” says Maria.
“Ease into the pose,” says Sandra.
“The pose is a state of mind.
” “State of mind,” says Sandra.
“The mind is heavy.
” “Heavy,” says Sandra. David gockley gay.
“Put down heavy things.
” “Heavy,” I say.
“Let gravity carry them away.
” “Away,” we say.
“This is our first pose.
It’s a place in your mind.
” “Mind,” we say.
“In that room is nothing at all.
” “Nothing,” we say. Lonely women valentine valentine.
“Not even you.

There are no thoughts or personality in that room.
” “No personality.
” “We’ll call this pose Reyna pose.
” “Reyna.
” “When you are in Reyna pose, you have no thoughts.
” “No thoughts.
” “No personality,” says Maria. Tatha116 gay webcam.
“No personality,” we say.
I imagine the Reyna room.
It’s Diana’s office without the furniture.
It should be empty, but it’s full of Reyna.
I can see her amber eyes.
I can see her round and full tits, just the cleavage she shows off, but I want to see all of them. Orgasm web cam.
She’s in a yellow sundress, twirling.
I can’t look away.
I have no eyes.
I can’t think of anything else.
There are no thoughts.
This isn’t a thought.
Gravity isn’t a thought.
Gravity eases you into the pose.
Reyna eases you into the pose. Dating in antigua and barbuda.
The Reyna pose.
The pose on your knees.

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