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Brad was looking through the window, as she had expected, and marveled at the sight of her dripping breasts.
“God,” he thought, “Even as close as this is, I still wish I had binoculars.
” But, other than those few seconds, Ashley kept her back to the window and stayed clear of the mirror. Www plenty dating com.
When she was done drying herself, she wrapped the towel around her damp hair instead of her body, leading Brad to believe he was in for a real show.
Ashley however lost her nerve and instead blocked Brad’s view by positioning herself between the mirror and the window, leaving him with only a view of her back from the waist up. Sheila marie interracial blonde.
Ashley continued to frustrate Brad’s view while brushing her teeth.
However, after removing the towel from her head and beginning to blow dry her hair, her nerve began seeping back.

Much to Brad’s delight she slowly stepped from side to side affording him ever lengthening views of her bare breasts. Hot sex pawtucket pussy.
Brad unzipped his shorts and took his cock out, stroking it as he watched her though the window.
Ashley had regained her confidence and was able to act totally unconcerned by the curtain-less window as she nonchalantly picked up the worn-out dress shirt she had brought into the bathroom with her. Cum down my throat missionary style.
Brad watched as Ashley carefully buttoned the shirt over her naked body.
He was sure she hadn’t put her bra back on and unless she had put them on when she was bent over drying herself, she wasn’t wearing panties either. Brandi cum face her info remember.
Brad wondered what was going on in his step-sister’s head.
Ashley had to know he was watching but acted as if she could care less.

She turned off the bathroom light and stepped into the bedroom.
As Brad watched her walk away from the windows and toward the bed, the light next to the bed silhouetted her body in such a way as to make her appear almost naked. Asian midget xxx.
Ashley had one final bit of exposure she hoped to effect before turning off the light.
She had walked slowly from the bathroom to the side of the bed in hope that she would have the courage to pull it off. Ashley roommate rent handjob.
As she stopped near the nightstand she reminded herself again that it was not some stranger that was watching, it was her step-brother who she had been living with for the last five years.
With her back still toward the windows, Ashley unbuttoned the shirt and let it fall to the floor.
“Oh my God,” Brad mumbled almost audibly, “And she’s not even wearing panties!” It was the first time he had seen her naked and she was even more gorgeous than he had imagined.

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He quickened the pace of his hand on his cock, rapidly spreading the pre-cum over the length of his shaft.
Ashley bent over to extinguish the light, and although he was too far away to be certain, Brad imagined her love lips were pointed straight at him. Hottie working at nandos in elizabeth.
He furiously stroked his cock until rope after rope of sperm shot from it and onto the lawn.
Through the darkened window he could faintly discern her climbing into bed.
Brad was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with having an orgasm while watching his step-sister. Adult sex dating in lyman mississippi.
After all, she had a killer body, and it looked as if she had been deliberately teasing him with it.

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