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He pulled the old floor polisher out of the hall cupboard and with the wax that was the same brand as he’d seen his grandmother use when he was just a little kid, he polished the floors till late into the night. Grannies looking for sex in bosasso.
He closed the house up again, he would have liked to have left it open but was worried the wind might come up and destroy all his good work with dust, and went to bed pleased with his days work.
Then it was Friday, his lovers would be here tonight. Ledger dating michelle.
He climbed out of bed and gathered the cleaning gear for the bathroom and while he showered naked, scrubbed the glass shower cubicle walls and the base till it shone.
He gave the bath and sink a clean then mopped the bathroom floor. Men fucking latino men.
Drew dressed and had breakfast then dusted everything he could lay his hands on.

He stripped the bed and put all the linen into the washing machine.
Hot, long wash and lemon scented soap powder was the order of the day. Skyla paris anal.
While the machine clunked away he polished the dining table’s wooden surface with wax until he could see his reflection in it.
He now opened the windows and doors again, it was a warm spring day so he hung the bed linen on the clothes line to dry in the sun. American dad porn xxx tram pararam.
He refilled the washing machine with every bit of clothing that he had found scattered around his bed room and set it going again.
The interior of the house looked fantastic.
Bright and airy and sparkling.

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It smelled of floor wax and furniture polish.
A nice clean smell.
He was pleased with his work.
He hung out his clothes to dry and thought.
‘Nothing else to do here until later when it’s all dry.
‘ He went back to the bedroom and spotted the picture of himself and Tess and Dave at the rock pool, he smiled, it was a great picture. Filapino dating.
He tidied his wardrobe and the six draws of his cabinet to make some space.
He had decided the matching cabinet on the opposite wall he would offer to Tess and Dave to use, it had been Dianne’s.
His mother had helped him clean it out three months after she had died and it had been empty ever since. International dating agency of italy.
He dusted thoroughly and got down the cobwebs he noticed in a corner.

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