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How dare you? I blow a raspberry at the alarm clock on my bedside table and drop backwards onto my pillows, huffing loudly.
Patience isn’t my strong point, especially where you’re concerned.
You always get me so aroused, gagging for it. Latinasrs sex pussy cam.
The mere knowledge that you’re on your way to see me has me creaming my knickers.
“Hurry up, I need a fuck!” I yell, lobbing a fat pillow at the door in frustration.
Catching sight of myself in my bedroom mirror, I take a moment to appraise my appearance. Lookin for girl with genital warts.
Apart from the angry look on my face, I’m sexy as fuck, if I say so myself.
My legs and pussy are freshly waxed and smooth as a baby’s bum.
A liberal smattering of body oil makes my skin glisten.
My hair’s gorgeous; sleek and glossy. Taeyeon snsd dating.

You’ll want to mess it up, you always do, but for now it’s immaculate.
Subtle, yet slutty make-up completes the look.
It took ages to perfect but I’ve done a good job.
I look the business.
You’re going to cum in your pants as soon as you set eyes on me. Theartofblowjob camille crimson white cleavage.
“If you ever fucking get here that is!” I growl impatiently.
I glare at my alarm clock – you’re now fifteen minutes late.
The scented candles I bought today are already burning, music’s playing and the wine’s chilled. Free femile masturbation videos.
All that’s missing is you.
“Come on!” I examine my alarm clock again before flinging it across the room in a fit of pique.
It smashes against the door and disintegrates – oops!

Biting my lip, I berate my own childishness. Most popular east european dating site.
I need a distraction, something to while away the time.
I know…I reach for the photo hanging on the wall behind me and smile at your face with the huge beaming grin.
I remember the moment that photo was taken: outside my local pub on a hot summer evening, the night of our first fuck. Milf dating in sellers.
My smile widens as I recall sneaking around to the back of the pub where, arms braced against the rough brick wall, knickers round my ankles, you took me from behind.
It wasn’t exactly romantic but the thrill of it still excites me. Bikini female gallery photo.
Typical you, the devout exhibitionist.
Anyone could have seen us at it.
Images of subsequent daring fucks fill my mind; sex in the toilets at a nightclub, an impromptu midday fuck in the park, a fingering during dinner at your parents’ house…oh so naughty! Busty office handjob.