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They would have been, though.
You certainly were.
Every sound you made.
Every movement, no matter how small.
Still fucking you, and without changing rhythm, the device that fucked you was switched on.
A powerful vibration steadily increased over at least half a minute. Nice latina boobs.
You were being fucked so hard that you started crying.
Slick silicone plowed into you harder with each thrust, forcing your clenched muscles out of its path and disregarding their efforts of resistance. Small ass black lick cock and facial.
You were approaching another orgasm.
You hadn’t really come down from the last one, but you could tell that this one was going to be more intense – and a different sort of intensity.

The kind that makes your eyes roll back and your whole body convulse. Free sexgey to boy.
Maybe the kind that makes you pass out.
You couldn’t be sure, and you wondered.
You were almost ready to cum.
Again… and again and again.
Your body thrashed hard when it began, and harder as it continued.
Convulsions pulsed from within you, throughout you. Shemale ladyboy tranny cumshot complitation.
Ripples of the power inside you could be felt from your diaphragm to your limbs.
There would be bruises.
The tingling of electricity turned to the stinging pricks of needles.

It was as your vision began to fade that you knew it would happen. Bbw looking for fun kitchener sunday morning.
Everything had been building to that moment.
Just as the world went completely dark you felt yourself tighten so intensely that the machine was shoved violently out of you.
Hearing it clatter across the floor was equally satisfying and embarrassing. Jetak nudist camchat.
A smile curled across your face and you choked on an involuntarily giggle.

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