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As I lay there, I started to rub my pussy to relieve the ache of my sexual longing and much need relief.
Suddenly I heard the shower turn on, I must have dozed off again and Alan was in the shower and I still had the tingling down below, I got up and strolled into the bathroom as Alan stepped out of the shower.

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“Let me dry you off.
’ I said and got the towel, dried his chest with one hand while coaxing his penis into erection with the other and of course up it came.
I sat on the toilet seat and it was just the right height to slide it straight into my mouth, Alan had his hand on my head trying to control the pace I had to be careful here; I wanted him inside me so bad, I gave him just a minute or so of oral pleasure then told him to sit on the toilet seat while I got astride him.

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I was so wet, and he so hard he slid right in up to the hilt.
”Oh God I needed this.
” I said.
I was in full control as I slid slowly up and down on him, I was in heaven, I speeded up as I felt him getting near his peak, and I squeezed my inner muscles around his manhood he exploded inside me just as my orgasm washed over me. Japanese subtitles uncensored.

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