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He wills himself to look away.
He glances up and down the track, but still no sign of trains in either direction.
Before long, his eyes are drawn back to her.
Her hand has moved from her neck to in front of her chin, which she holds between her fingers like someone might hold a delicate egg. Www matchdating com.
He watches as her index finger approaches her lips.
It sensuously traces the delicious contours of her mouth, softly brushing first the bottom, then the top, then the bottom again.
Her lips part slightly. Ggg bukkake red.
Her finger pulls gently at the bottom lip.
He can see the white of her teeth, and behind them the reddish-pink of her tongue.
She bites the finger softly.
Her tongue flicks across the tip of it in playful circles. Mature webcam videos.
She allows her finger to explore her mouth, rubbing against her tongue, teeth and lips, simply enjoying the feeling.

After a moment, her lips close around her finger, and she sucks at it.
Slowly the finger probes further inside, from the first knuckle to the second, and then back to the first again. Chubby nipples sex.
He is completely mesmerized.
The erection which had all but disappeared when she abruptly walked off, has now returned stronger than ever.
He resists the urge to stroke it again, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself. Fulda orgasm paar.
Instead, he grips the bench.
Her hand comes away from her face, as she turns the page in her book.
She hasn’t looked at him once since she resumed her reading.
She seems totally absorbed – either in her book, or in the feelings of her own body, it’s hard for him to know. Nisku alberta anyone looking.
Once again, her hand slips inside the front of her dress.
He can see it working against the fabric of her dress, teasing her nipple and massaging her breast.

Her chest has started to visibly rise and fall at her own stimulation. Horney horney.
Her bra intermittently comes into view as her knuckles lift the dress away from her chest.
It’s as if she’s daring him not to look, now- daring him to just play it cool.
Slowly, she begins to slouch down on the bench again. Alesi4ka webcam horny teens sexy chat online free.
As he watches, her legs begin to part.
At first, it’s only a thin dark crack between her knees.
But gradually, the crack widens, and allows the light to penetrate further between her smooth soft thighs.
He looks up and down the platform. Naked teen flat suck.
There’s no one else.
Her legs continue to spread apart as she slides forward.
He can no longer mistake it.

This show is entirely for his benefit.
And he can’t believe it! She’s no longer wearing the pink lacy panties he caught a glimpse of earlier. Newport news dating.
The pink he sees between her legs now is bare, hairless skin and pussy lips.
Her ass is now hanging off the bench, and she’s resting on her lower back.
The hem of her dress has risen up to her waist.
Even from across the tracks, he can see the glisten of her wet pussy in the overhead lights. Ebonygodess24 greek hot camchat.
Her hand leaves her breast, trails down her front, and dives between her legs.
As her fingers find her clit, he sees her inhale sharply.
Her eyes close and her head tilts back.
He can’t hear her over his music, but he thinks she’s moaning loudly. Mature sex carson city va.
She puts down the book, so she can concentrate on pleasuring herself.

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