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Well, silence was well and truly broken, as she made such a noise as she rose and slid back down.
Karen woke, of course, and looking across, gave an amazed exclamation.
“You little slut”, she told Gerry, “you are fucking my fella!”. Mila444 adult chat with cam.
I don’t think that Gerry was listening as I think for the first time she could take her time with a man and find out how her body reacted.

Having cum twice earlier that evening, I was in no hurry to do so again, so I could work with her to maximise her pleasure. Izabellaone free naughty chat rooms.
“Oh my gooooodddd”, “groaned Gerry, “I’m going to cum….
And she did, loudly and wetly, and collapsed down on me.
“Was that good then?”, I asked, knowing what her reply would be.

“Oh you….
”, and she punched me in the ribs…”you know it was!”. Vntage tranny tube.
Karen move closer and kissed us both, so I was lying there on my back, one woman still impaled on my hard cock, the other wrapping her arms and legs around us both.
“More?”, whispered Karen to Gerry.
“Can I?”, she asked. Mature cougar pic gallery.
“Yes, but I’m going to do you as well”, replied Karen.

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