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Julia could feel the heat explode inside her as Kevin’s cock released.
She pressed herself hard against him, engulfing every thick inch of him as her pussy filled with spurt after spurt of Kevin’s cum.
The impressive size of his balls unloaded an amount of sperm that Julia could feel filling her deep inside. Matures chat number.
As Julia rose up, inches and inches of Kevin’s shiny shaft kept coming out until finally the large head of his cock popped out and gushes of white, thick strands of sperm began dripping from Julia’s gaped opening. Big booty red head.
Julia stood up and walked toward Tim.
Her husband’s cock still hard and straining.
She raised one leg and placed her foot on the chair where Tim was sitting.
Tim looked up at Julia.
She had one finger stuck between her teeth and a very devilish look, as if trying to figure out the best course of action. Friendship dating girls pictures arap.
Tim’s eyes followed down his wife’s sweaty torso until they locked onto her lower parts.
Tim could see Julia’s pussy was still open wide and cum still clinging and dripping from her folds.

Julia straddled her legs, positioning herself over Tim’s lap. Foot hose pantie pic sexy.
She lowered herself onto his stiff penis and it immediately disappeared.
Tim suddenly felt the combination of Kevin’s cum and his wife’s wetness running down his balls.
Julia’s well spread pussy swallowed Tim entirely and her weight pressed against his pelvis. Free private sex cam no pay iphone.
Tim couldn’t feel the walls of Julia’s pussy embracing his cock but he could feel the wetness flowing from within her forming around the base of his prick.
Julia placed her hands on Tim’s shoulders as her hips began grinding forward and back at a fast pace. Old woman in rexburg for sex.
Looking at Tim, a big grin grew on her face, she raised herself up to the tip of Tim’s cock and looked down bringing his eyes with her.
Tim looked down and could see the white cum clinging to his cock.
Julia’s opening was gaped wider than the thickness of Tim’s cock and Julia started to giggle.

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Julia slowly lowered herself onto Tim’s cock and giggled again as she watched it go in without even touching her pussy lips or inner walls, and then back up again.
With sounds of awe and excitement, as if being entertained by what was happening, Julia began bouncing up and down on Tim’s lap, making every inch of his cock appear and then vanish with no resistance as Kevin’s cum continued to leak out. Sexvideochat gasmine.
Tim’s body acted on instinct, his cock trying to force its way deeper into Julia desperately looking for friction to bring on an orgasm.
Julia could see how badly he wanted to cum.
She looked into his eyes and said, “Do you want to cum honey?” Tim’s head nodded up and down, his eyes begging. Huge cock latina mouth.

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